HK students reveal the one thing they must have with them at all times

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda

We asked our readers what they bring with them everywhere they go. Here are our favourite answers

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda |

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Time keeper

I bring my watch with me everywhere I go. This is because I want to be on time so others won’t have to wait for me and think I’m rude. I also like that I don’t need to ask others for the time.

Karis Lee Cheuk-yi, 13, Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College

Travel essential

I always bring a cushion, which is very special to me, when I go travelling. Every night I will hold it while I sleep, and then I will have sweet dreams. When I hold the cushion I feel very safe. It’s very hard for me to fall asleep without it.

Joey Chan, 14, South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

Stay charged

I always bring my power bank with me so that I can charge my electrical appliances when I’m out, and I like that I can help anyone who needs one too.

Thomas Au, 13, Maryknoll Fathers’ School

If you could read minds, whose thoughts would you start with?

Jot it down

I always have a little notebook wedged in my pocket. When I see something I like, such as a beautiful sunset, great scenery, or if something unforgettable happens which inspires me to write a story or draw a picture, I do a sketch of it in my notebook. Then, I can look at my notebook later and remind myself there are many beautiful things in life.

Bethany Chow Sze-yuet, 13, St. Mary’s Canossian College

Luck in my pocket

I always carry around a lucky bean. It was given to me by a teacher I admired. The bean has the words ‘Never Give Up!’ printed on it. I look at the bean when I feel blue, and I feel like it gives me luck when I hold it too!

Lois Ng, 13, Sacred Heart Canossian College

All the apps

I would definitely choose my mobile phone. This is because there are a variety of apps in my phone such as payment apps, music apps, and Google Maps that I need to use regularly. I can go anywhere without bringing anything but my phone.

Tang Tsz-shan, 16, TWGHs Lo Kon Ting Memorial College

What HK students stress out about

Digital is best

I bring my phone with me everywhere I go. A smartphone is one of the best inventions ever. You can contact your friends, play games when you’re bored, and even search for things that you can’t find in a book! I can also read books online instead of going to a library to borrow them, that way I don’t have to worry about missing the return due date ever again.

Evelyn Braxton, 12, Scientia Secondary School

Music all around

I can’t leave the house without my headphones. Whenever my friends call me, I like to use my headphones to talk with them. Also I love listening to music when I’m out and about.

Ng Cheuk-yu, 15, STFA Seaward Woo College

Cash on hand

I will bring my wallet with me. I can do a lot of things with my wallet such as buy food or take public transport, and it also carries my HKID card which everyone needs to have with them at all times.

Lo Cho Yan, 16, Fung Kai No. 1 Secondary school

Who is your favourite teacher and why?

Always on time

I always have my mini schedule book with me wherever I go. I mark down the dates for the important events or deadlines so that I will not forget them. I also jot down important notes in its memo pages. Without it, I’d be lost.

Anna Tsang, 13, Sacred Heart Canossian College

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