From K-pop idols to YouTube KOLs: Male role models HK's teenagers look up to

We asked YP cadets from Renaissance College who their male role model is, and why they look up to that particular person


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Whether they inspire you to be a better person, try new things, or work harder, it’s always good to have someone you can look up to. Here are the male celebrities that have influenced our cadets in positive ways.

An inspiration

My all-time role model would probably be the musician Tyler, The Creator. His songs are what started for my love of hip hop and its culture, and I also find his fashion sense and zany personality inspiring as well. I’m very much indebted to Tyler for being such a great influence on a large part of my identity.

Emily Li, 15

Someone to look up to

I don’t really believe in role models. However, if I had to choose someone whom I look up to, it’d have to be British YouTuber and mental health activist Daniel Howell. He opened up about his depression last year, in a video called Daniel and Depression. Since then, he’s partnered with Young Minds, Britain’s leading charity fighting for young people’s mental health, speaking at panels, and raising funds to support their cause. His bravery, strength, and sincerity is certainly something to look up to.

Nicole Cheung, 15

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Multilingual talent

One of my idols is K-pop idol Kim Nam-joon, aka Rap Monster, of BTS. Not only is he fluent in Korean, English, and Japanese, but he is able to translate his thoughts and deliver his messages using these languages in his songwriting. BTS’ fierce message of loving yourself instead of looking to others is what resonates with fans the most, and much of this is owed to him.

Amber Kwok, 15

A true Hong Kong hero

My all-time role model is Bruce Lee. He always did what he thought was right, stood up for what he believed should be changed, and has set a positive example for the world. He didn’t just learn kung fu to show dominance, power, or strength, but rather as a way to direct himself away from fighting in the streets, as he used to do. He showed us how kung fu can be used as a way to discipline ourselves, and that non-violent solutions are always the best way to go. He showed great passion and discipline throughout his career, and showed us what it takes to become a great person.

Denning Kwan, 15

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A real MVP

My role model is NBA player Derrick Rose. Rose was the NBA MVP for the Chicago Bulls at the age of 22 in the 2010-11 season, beating players such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Rose suffered from an injury in 2012, causing him to miss the play-offs.

After a year, Rose returned to the court in October 2013, but got off to a slow start and his career started to dip. He lost his value in the Chicago Bulls, which got him traded to New York, Cleveland, and Minnesota from 2015-2018. In Minnesota, Rose plays as a backup,

but managed to drop a career high score of 50, then followed up with games with 31 and

21 in the past week. Rose’s strong work ethic throughout his career, and efforts to redeem himself as a top player have impressed many fans, including me.

Frazer Lee, 15

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Hard-working entertainer

My personal role model is a member of BTS.

As a dancer myself, J-Hope, who’s been dancing for 10 years, is the perfect role model for me. He has inspired me to learn many different styles of dance. His persona is quite unique and he has amazing stage presence.

It’s clear to see that J-Hope lives by his motto, “If you don’t work hard, you won’t get good results”, by being one of BTS’ most hard-working members.

Orion Chan, 15

Cool inside and outside the ring

I think Conor McGregor makes a great role model. He is the greatest MMA fighter I know, and one of my favourite fighters in the world. He is always very humble when he wins a fight, and is known to be quite a joker. McGregor is not perfect, but he has many good qualities. As a fighter, McGregor is very professional, and becomes quite serious in the ring. He is also a very loving father and big family man.

Maui Bautista, 16

Edited by Nicole Moraleda