Write here: Rain, rain, go away!

By Angus Tsang Ka-ho, Wah Yan College

The weather in Hong Kong certainly gives us a lot to talk —and write – about. This week’s poem is about a rainy day

By Angus Tsang Ka-ho, Wah Yan College |

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Rain makes everything worse.

Words and images are very powerful; they can be used to describe things that come from fantasy and our imagination, but can also capture the ordinary, day-to-day aspects of life. This poem looks at how something as simple as the weather can impact our lives – and even inspire us. 

Rooftop garden is where we’re at,

On damp benches, classmates all sat.

Drip-drop...drip-drop...we feel the drizzle,

Wetting our pieces of paper, we loathe the mizzle.

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‘Creating quatrains on a rainy day?’ I grumble!

The pencil between my fingers is going to crumble.

We are exhausted, schoolwork is to blame...

Give us a break, we want a game!

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‘We are puzzled!’ Justin writes,

Mr Chan gives us some insights,

We stroll along to think of rhymes,

To and fro, I forget for how many times.

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The bell rings, it’s time for lunch,

We dash to the tuck shop to have a munch.

It’s finally the end of a day’s agony,

I want my friends for company!

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