You got me WHAT as a gift?!

Eunice Yip

This week, we asked our readers, what is the worst surprise they’ve ever received? Here are our favourite answers

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1 Nasty, not hilarious

It’s the surprise provided by teachers in chat rooms during weekends or holidays. Every student must have encountered some teacher giving homework in a “hilarious” way, saying “the assessment is a holiday surprise for you all!” Actually, it’s quite a nasty surprise to us.

Timophy Pit Hok-yau,16, King Ling College

2 No, thanks!

I once told all my friends how much I loved little animals and how badly I wanted a pet. And guess what I got for my birthday? No, not a cute kitten or puppy; it was a lizard! Who keeps lizards as pet? They can lose their tail and then regrow a new one. Ew! I found it so weird that I let my friend keep it.

Anushka Purohit, 16. Renaissance College

3 Sour ending

“Since it would be holidays soon, I would give you all a surprise,” the teacher said. Yay! We innocently thought that the teacher would give us some candy or other yummy stuff ... until she added: “Class prefects, please help me hand out the holiday homework. Enjoy your holiday!” That left me speechless, and I was like, “wow, thank you sooooooo much!”

Cotrina Fung, 15 , St Mary’s Canossian College

4 Shell-shocked

Surprise tests, for sure! Most surprises would make me scream in delight, but tests just make me sigh in self-pity. Besides, I don’t see the benefits of giving students a test when they’re too shell-shocked to do well anyway!

Karina Poon, 16, South Island School

5 Testing times

It happened quite recently, when our maths teacher had an early Easter surprise for us. And sure enough, it wasn’t great. A surprise test! Thanks a lot! *note the sarcasm*

Parul Methi, 12, King George V School

6 Virus wipeout

“I think some virus has invaded our laptop.” This call from my brother while I was on the MTR almost made me choke on my sandwich. It turned out that I had lost all of my files, including important school documents and hundreds of photos. It was so distressing that I could cry thinking of it now.

Vivian Lee, 16, Maryknoll Convent School

7 Out-of-the-box thinking

The worst surprise I ever had was at a party organised by my friends for my birthday. They said it would be a memorable event and sure it was! As I entered the room, I was doused with flour which shocked me and left me speechless. I thought the “surprise” was over, but no, there was more to come. Then they opened a box which I thought contained a birthday cake. There was no cake; the box was full of cockroaches and other creepy-crawlies. I was really angry. Can you think of a worse birthday surprise?

Eunice Yip, 15, Pooi To Middle School

8 Numbers game

Probably receiving a nicely wrapped present which contained several mathematics exercise books. The reason? I got five marks lower than the last test. Ugh.

Charlie Fan, 16, Pui Kiu College

9 Deadline woes

My Macbook often gives me a surprise when I am nearing a deadline. One day, when I was rushing to complete a video-editing assignment, a message suddenly popped up, telling me that the application had experienced a “fatal error”. I tried my best but I could not solve the problem, and needless to say, I missed the deadline. For me, surprises come at the worst possible time. Gosh!

Marilyn Ma 20, Chinese University of Hong Kong

10 New chapter in your life

I’m a bookaholic. I love reading and keeping the books afterwards. However, some books cost a fortune. That’s why I got really excited when my mum promised to buy me the whole Twilight saga for my 10th birthday. But when I unwrapped the present, I found A Brief Description of World History, which is actually thicker than the Bible. Can someone tell me what’s going on?

Abbie Leung,14, St Mary’s Canossian College

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