The perfect Christmas present for my parents

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda

We asked our readers: If you could give your parents any gift, what would it be? Here are our favourite answers

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda |

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Back to the good old days

I would give them the gift of youth. They have worked hard their whole lives and their only concern was my own happiness. I’m sure they would love to feel young and carefree again. Therefore, I would like to give them the gift of youth so that they can experience their lively teenage years once again when they never felt tired and were full of optimism for the future. I would do anything to see a smile on their faces to thank them for their love and care.

Hadia Saqib, 17, St Antonius Girls’ College

Keep warm

I would give them hand-knitted scarves to keep them warm during the winter. Handmade gifts are more meaningful than something I can buy from a shop. I believe that the price of the gift is not the most important, it’s really the thought that counts!

Liang Keying, 16, HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No. 3 Secondary School

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Making the grade

I would give them a good grade sheet. My parents are always worried about my grades. I really want to give them a good grade sheet, which is why I will study hard for an upcoming exam. They would be very excited to receive this gift.

Bryan Chan, 12, Scientia Secondary School

Endless bliss

I would give them endless happiness. I know my parents work really hard for me and love me a lot, so I want to thank them by giving them eternal joy. My parents support the decisions I make and the things I do, and they comfort me when I am sad or angry. They treat me with endless patience and love, and I’m very grateful for that. I want to make them always happy so they won’t have to worry about anything for the rest of their lives. They’re the best parents I could wish for!

Chloe Lau Hong-ching, 13, St Mary’s Canossian College

Make ‘em proud

I think an excellent present for my parents would be to make them proud. They’ve given me everything I need in life; not only the daily necessities, but love and guidance. They always help me overcome my difficulties and would give me lots of encouragement. So, for my present, I would study hard for my exams and get a good job to make them feel proud of how they raised me.

Bernice Lai, 14, Carmel Secondary School

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Practical magic

My parents generally have a good relationship but they sometimes argue over trivial matters because of some misunderstandings. Therefore I would give them a magic potion to reduce their quarrels. Whenever they fight, they could take a sip and the potion would allow them to see the situation from the other person’s perspective, and they would realise that they’ve just misunderstood each other. This way they will have more happy moments together.

Choy Man-ying, 19, The University of Hong Kong

Lots o’ hugs

Hugs! As Christmas approaches, people are starting to think what they should buy for their parents to show their gratitude. Honestly, even if I had loads of money and I could buy whatever I want, I would still give them hugs instead of buying anything. Christmas is the time to love and show you care, and I am going to give to my parents more love by hugging them.

Teresa Kwok, 13, South Island School

Straight A’s

An exam report card with straight A’s. This may sound like a strange present but I think it would make them extremely proud and happy this Christmas to see that I did well in school.

Patrick Siu, 11, Po Leung Kuk Grandmont Primary School

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My treat

I would cook a nice dinner for my parents and wash up afterwards. I can make their favourite dishes to show how much I love them, and I’m sure they would be touched.

Ella Wong Shuk-yam, 13, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Free hug

I would give them a big warm hug to let them know how thankful I am for the things they do for me. I think this is a better way to show them my love than to buy them an expensive present.

Kelly Chan Oi-wa, 13, Maryknoll Fathers’ School

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