Write here: The war that rages within

By Muqadas Ishtiaq, 17, St Margaret’s Girls’ College

Emotions are a tricky thing; they can be confusing, conflicting, and sometimes overwhelming. This week’s poem, describes the internal struggle many of us have felt at some point in our lives

By Muqadas Ishtiaq, 17, St Margaret’s Girls’ College |

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Have you ever thought about what goes on in my mind?

When I’m all alone with my emotions, 

Treading paths of confusion.

The negativity that runs deep in my veins

The demons invading my dreams,

The doubts and insecurities that crush my brain.

I push people away and that’s my biggest mistake. 

My overthinking haunts me every day.

But what is the reason we are this way?

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People will hurt you and pretend they’re innocent.

Masters of hypocrisy who play the victims

Do not fall prey to them.

They’ll only feed you poison and expect you to stay, 

Be the smart one and walk away. 

Toxic people leave nothing but a bitter aftertaste. 

You deserve far better than this. 

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What chaotic extremes

Having to feel either too much  or too little.

The only person worth fighting  for is yourself

We are enough and nothing else matters.

Don’t let the rocks they throw crumble your castle walls.

We may be criticised by others for who we are

But their opinions don’t define us,

They are merely reflections of their own insecurities.

Besides, only we know the battles we’re fighting, 

The ones that make us or break us,

It’s up to us to decide.

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Imperfections are underrated, 

Being different is a gift.

Be yourself 

No matter what others say or do.

Perfection is a myth, 

It all depends on your perspective.

Don’t let people convince you otherwise.

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Why do we see emotions as a sign of weakness

When they are what make us human? 

Why do we bury everything deep down

Out of reach?

To feel nothing at all 

Is the worst you could do to yourself.

The wild thoughts that run through your mind, 

The pain in your eyes you try to hide.

Break the walls you’ve built around your heart

And stop hiding in the dark.

Your heart yearns to be understood.

Sooner or later your emotions will boil up.

Let them out before it’s too late.

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There is a war inside us 

That no one knows about. 

You can defeat your own negative thoughts.

They’ll try to burn you, 

But here’s the twist:

Show them you’ve become immune to those flames!

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