Engineers must work with society to find answers to our problems

By Tsang Wing-hay, Institution of Mechanical Engineers Hong Kong Branch
By Tsang Wing-hay, Institution of Mechanical Engineers Hong Kong Branch |

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A landfill in the New Territories

There is an ongoing debate over whether to expand the city's incinerator and landfill capacity for dealing with waste. The government is lobbying for public support to go ahead with the expansion. But green groups are opposed to the projects.

As a mechanical engineer, I appreciate the debate is not just an issue of technology; it is also a matter of trust between the government and the public.

People fear that if the government can rely on incinerators and landfill, it won't try to come up with long-term solutions to our waste problem.

Engineers can play a role here. It is our job to provide solutions to problems. But we must understand that solutions are not always the end of the story.

We must also win the public over when it comes to the way we present our ideas and solutions. Otherwise, we will never get a chance to help improve our city. Engineers cannot work alone and without limit. We must participate in a wider society.

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