On a mango-filled mission to Mars

To Yuen-lam, Taikoo Primary School
To Yuen-lam, Taikoo Primary School |

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The Apollo II of the United States was the first manned mission to land on the moon.

I was so excited when I had the chance to meet Buzz Aldrin (pictured right with To Yuen-lam), the second astronaut to step on the moon in 1969.

We exchanged e-mail addresses and I got his autograph.

He encouraged me to become an astronaut and go to Mars, and gave me the idea for a book, The Mystery of the Mango Black Hole. It's about Jane and Bobcat, the clever kitty that she adores.

The pair were chosen to find a new planet for humans to live on, because Earth was no longer suitable.

As they explored, they fell into a black hole. But it wasn't a typical black hole - this one had mangoes that would rain down when you were hungry. Also, there was oxygen and the temperature was suitable for humans.

For the cover, I decided to draw Jane and Bobcat being pulled into the black hole. I drew stars in the background, with a mango at the bottom and a spacecraft. I'm very glad I made this book. I really enjoyed making the model of the spacecraft, designing the cover and writing the story.