What would you put in your ultimate Lunar New Year sweet box?

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda

We asked our readers: What would your ultimate Lunar New Year sweet box consist of? Here are our favourite answers

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda |

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A lot of laughs

To create my ultimate Lunar New Year sweet box, I would first put some traditional treats like dried candied water chestnut, lotus root, and winter melon. Then I would add some dragon’s beard candy (basically pulled sugar), which is not commonly found in sweet boxes these days. Another special treat I would include are the BeanBoozled jelly beans – they all look like ordinary jelly beans but some come in nasty flavours like rotten egg and mouldy cheese. Can’t celebrate the new year without a bit of entertainment, right? I’m sure everyone would have a lot of fun with my sweet box.

Nathan Jim, 13, South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

Food for thought

My sweet box would consist of all my favourite chocolates, especially Toblerone. I would add these, and some other sweets, into my box to bring some sweetness into people’s new year. And because many of my relatives will be visiting our home this year, I would also include a variety of healthy nuts that they can try. My parents told me that if people eat nuts, they will become more clever. I hope that the nuts in my box will make me and my family smarter.

Henry Chow Ka-hang, 13, King Ling College

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Got gummies?

If someone asked me if I had a favourite sweet, I would probably say no because I love them all. For my ultimate Lunar New Year sweet box, I would include a load of Haribo gummies as I love their taste and texture. I think I would also put some chocolate and marshmallows in there, too. I’m sure the people who come to visit our house will enjoy the sweets in my box.

Teresa Kwok, 14, South Island School

Full of sushi

My ultimate sweet box would be filled with sushi because I love it! Most sushi contains seafood and some vegetables, which is more nutritious than sweets, and it will make me full. It means no one will be left hungry when the New Year arrives.

Sunny Wei, 14, Ng Yuk Secondary School

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Sweets galore

I would put so many sweets in my box because my cousins are crazy about them. They eat sweets at any time of the day. Sweets are not too expensive so I would be able to buy a lot. I hope everyone has a happy Lunar New Year.

Bryan Chan, 12, Scientia Secondary school

Strictly for sweet tooths

I don’t really like seeds so I would never put anything like that in my box. Instead, I would put chocolate, jelly beans, and gummy bears, because I think they are less boring and traditional. I think my friends would enjoy my box as well, but I don’t think my parents would …

Kristine Leung Mei-yan, 12, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

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Box of magic

My ultimate Lunar New Year sweet box would consist of all sorts of magical candies from Harry Potter’s wizarding world such as hopping chocolate frogs, and Bertie Botts’s Every Flavour Beans, including the bad ones that taste like vomit, soap and dirt. I find them absolutely fascinating and I would love to be able to snack on them during the new year.

Heidi Chow, 13, Sacred Heart Canossian College

For wealth and happiness

I would fill my sweet box with chocolate gold coins, some sweets, and nuts. I’d like to think the chocolate coins will help people make more money in the new year. Also, because sweets are, well, sweet, I think they would make people happier in the new year. I’d have to include some nuts because it is traditional, and that way even people without a sweet tooth could enjoy my box.

Cherry Chan, 14, Ng Yuk Secondary School

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Unconventional box

I don’t think one box could fit everything I want to devour this New Year, but I’d try my very best to stuff in sponge cake, jelly, rice cakes, and more traditional Chinese desserts. Then I might step a little bit out of the box (no pun intended) and add a pork bun, because what better way to start the New Year than with a mouthwatering char siu bao?

Tifany Fan, 15, German Swiss International School

Hit with the kids

My ultimate Lunar New Year sweet box would consist of peanuts, fortune cookies, Ferrero Rochers, and chocolate coins, because most of the people in my family have a sweet tooth. I also know that many of the younger kids in my family like Peppa Pig so I would put a picture of the cartoon character on the cover of the box. A lot of children would love my box, and would be fitting as it is the Year of the Pig.

Chik Hei-nok, 13, South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

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