DIY skills add healthier appeal

Reports by YP cadets Iris Cheung and Katrina Lee and YP junior reporters Kobe Lee, Alex Luk, Kate Ng

Young Post junior reporters learned some useful tips from experts at a workshop on how to keep our faces looking their best

Reports by YP cadets Iris Cheung and Katrina Lee and YP junior reporters Kobe Lee, Alex Luk, Kate Ng |

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The young reporters learn some useful tips about effective skincare from trained professionals.
Clinique experts taught 10Young Post reporters about how to look after their skin in the scorching summer heat. Here they tell you what they learned.

Three-step skincare

The magic words are cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise. The process has been designed to allow your skin to renew itself so it can look radiant all the time. The key is to give your skin four basic elements: balance of oil and water, continuous cell turnover, intact moisture barriers and strong support structure.

Cleansing and exfoliating remove dead skin cells that could block our pores and make it more likely for blackheads and whiteheads to form.

The moisturiser hydrates our skin. We should always start applying it from our cheeks to the forehead and nose: our cheeks tend to be drier while our forehead is more oily.

Junior reporter Charis Hui gave it a try. She found her skin "a lot more revitalised and even shinier". She was amazed that such a simple thing could help her skin come alive so fast.

Skincare 101

Although pimples can blight our lives, making us frustrated and depressed, we should never squeeze them.

Those little demons are created by excessive oil and dirt that build up on our skin. The secret to getting rid of them is to clean our skin regularly.

Makeup 101

It takes only "five minutes to be pretty". The experts showed us how to do simple makeup from foundation, mascara and eyeliner to lip colour. Such do-it-yourself makeup techniques let you turn your looks around in a matter of minutes.

The beauty gurus also showed us how girls with pronounced epicanthic (inner corner of the eye) folds can make their eyes look larger.

Katrina Lee modelled for the class. The experts applied mascara to her lashes to make them curlier, longer and thicker. She also got brighter and rounder eyes with the help of an eyeliner and some eye shadow.


Our skin is sensitive to air pollution and rising temperatures. The brand's products are all allergy tested and fragrance free. The company tests its products meticulously before releasing them to the market.

Clinique employs a team of dermatologists to develop its products to make sure they are safe and effective for various age groups.

Reporters' Feedback

The workshop was informative, comprehensive and rewarding.

Clinique experts taught us a lot about skincare. Their tips on makeup will help us look better in our daily life. That will not only boost our confidence but also please others.