Tokens of friendship, farewell

YP junior reporter Jasmine Chiu

Classmates who move overseas won't forget you or their home with these handmade mementos

YP junior reporter Jasmine Chiu |

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Make a storybook (left) to tell the story of your friendship. Scrapbooks (right) are a good way to record memorable days together. A teddy bear is easy to make and will keep your friend's heart warm on a cold winter day.
In recent years, more and more of our friends have left to study overseas. We all want a piece of us to go with them when they move to their new environment - we all want to be remembered, don't we? That is why we give keepsakes to our friends as a "token of farewell". Below are some ideas for these mementos. They are easy to make and are sure to warm your friends' hearts.


This is a visual collection of you and your friend's time together. For this, you will need a blank notebook in which to stick photos, drawings, movie tickets and so on. If your friend has a soft spot for any cartoon characters, be sure to get them a notebook with that character.

For the main content, put in lots of photos - and sticky pics - of you and your friends. You can also stick in show tickets, or any other memorabilia that remind you of times with your friend. Add in captions and blessings. You can also add some postcards from Ocean Park or the Peak, so your friend has a piece of their homeland wherever they go.


This is a more literary collection of memories.

Here you can record how you met and what you have done. Write about your impressions of your friend, express your support and give advice.

Prepare a notebook; pick one with a cover that you can write a title on. Don't get a big one. For example, get a small notebook with a wooden cover so you can draw on it with coloured pencils. Prepare some photos as well.

Because this is a story, it is better to lay it out in chapters. Find a few friends to complete this with you. For each chapter, include at least one picture of you and your friend together.

Write about the purpose of the book in a prologue at the beginning.

Signed T-shirt

To show your friend how much they will be missed, get their school uniform and ask your other friends to sign it, using a black permanent marker.


Plant a seed in a pot of soil and give it to your friend to grow.

Get a card to go with the plant. It can serve as a birth certificate for this friendship plant.

Stationery shop Kelvin Collections offers a card and seed pack that make this gift easier to put together. The seeds grow in wet cotton, and the pack includes growing instructions.

Cuddly toy

If you have deft hands, warm your friend's heart on a cold winter day overseas by making a stuffed teddy bear.

Easy-to-use kits can be bought at Jusco. First, take the wool from the pack and cut out shapes for the head, the arms, the legs and the body. Stuff each part with cotton. Then stitch them together.

You can find detailed instructions in the kits.

Give the teddy bear a little card to hold, and dress it in doll clothes.