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You can practically get a free education surfing the channels on the video site

YP junior reporter Ruby Leung |

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How to look your best

Michelle Phan
The ultimate make-up guru teaches her viewers how to fix hairstyles and apply make-up on all parts of the face. The detailed videos include how to create a special look for any occasion - from Halloween (eg Vampire, Snow White, Black Swan) and the prom to a festive New Year's look.
Recently, Michelle and her stylist friend Chriselle started making videos sharing fashion tips as well.

The highlight of this fashion and beauty channel is its new series, Fa-fa-fa Fashion, in which Tyra Banks (creator of America's Next Top Model) and Andre Leon Talley (who serves on ANTM's judging panel and is an editor of Vogue) share fashion and beauty secrets. Recent videos feature how to pull off a trench coat and skinny jeans.

Fashion TV
If you are fascinated by fashion, then this channel is for you - the fashion updates on it are streamed live. What's more, there is a companion fashiontv3D channel where viewers can view videos in 3D. Unfortunately, the plain 3D glasses you get in Hong Kong cinemas won't work, as the videos require coloured ones.

Polish up your music skills

YouTube's Piano Teacher
Joe, the channel's owner, gives you piano tutorials for popular songs, including Baby by Justin Bieber, Born This Way by Lady GaGa, and even Friday by Rebecca Black.
He has "easy", "intermediate" and "hard" tutorials, "viral hits" tutorials and a Beatles tutorial.

Get the gift of tongues

The Travel Linguist
This channel features 4,038 videos teaching Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Greek, Czech, Indonesian, Turkish, Thai, Russian, Putonghua and Tagalog.

Learn Italian
If you want to learn Italian, there are two comprehensive and professional channels on YouTube: ItalianLessons101, with 45 lessons in total, and ItalianPod101, with 106 lessons. Both channels include Italian vocabulary and simple greetings.

Be the king of karaoke

The Karaoke Channel
If you are competing in a singing contest or just want to sing a cover of your favourite song, tune in to this channel to get some ideas. There are 499 different karaoke videos to choose from to download as accompaniment music. There are also many others with lyrics, but this channel consists mainly of instrumentals.

Put on your chef's hat

Cooking with Dog
The 66 videos on this channel teach viewers how to make Japanese dishes such as octopus scallion karashi sumisoae and green tea ice cream. The videos are mainly in English, and when the chef speaks Japanese, there are English subtitles. So as a bonus, you can learn some Japanese!

Be an expert in everything

Expert Village
This channel includes 138,550 instructional videos on almost everything, including Japanese, cursive writing, calligraphy, cross-stitch, playing heavy metal guitar, filmmaking and even dating.

The channel is organised into seven categories: dance, family, fitness, food, home, style and tech.
"Dance" includes tutorials for hip hop, Latin dance and break-dancing. "Family" includes flower arrangement and cooking tips. "Fitness" includes tips for exercises and how to cook healthy food. "Food" includes all kinds of cooking tutorials, such as making Latin ratatouille or scrambled eggs. "Home" is quite similar to "Family" and includes tips for gardening and moving to a new home. "Style" consists of fashion tips from a New York City stylist. "Tech" includes Photoshop tutorials and YouTube user guides.

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