What steps are you taking in the fight against climate change?

We asked our readers what steps they were taking in the fight against climate change. Here are some of our favourite answers

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Reusing plastic bags

My family reuses plastic bags as rubbish bags at home. When we wash the dishes, we have a separate basin for soap water and wash our dishes in that, instead of letting the tap run the whole time. Whenever I use the tap or the shower, I don’t use it at full power, so that I’m only using the water I need and not more.

Ngai Yeung, 17, International Christian School

Riding a bike and switching off lights

Hong Kong ranks as one of the world’s most polluted cities. We try to improve our economy all the time, but we sacrifice our environment for it. As individuals, we might say that our efforts are not enough to bring about real change, but I believe our small actions matter. If we all make small changes, such as biking to work or switching off lights, we can save the world.

Zoe Lu, 15, South Island School

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Metal straws

I recently bought a metal straw, so I no longer use single-use plastic straws. I rarely buy takeaway (which can come in plastic containers) and I never use plastic bags when grocery shopping. I also try to recycle plastic bottles and metal cans.

Angela Lam, 17, Creative Secondary School

No more plastic cutlery

I normally decline receipts when I go shopping, and ask to not be given plastic cutlery. I also have a couple of sets of metal straws that I carry around so I don’t have to use single-use plastic ones. I rarely use transport and I try to walk as much as I can. Some people think that I am crazy for walking long distances but I think that every little helps.

Zachary Perez Jones, 14, South Island School

Going vegetarian

I’ve become a vegetarian, and I try to avoid buying food wrapped in a lot of plastic. I’m also going to the student strike today, as I believe the first step to effect change is to spread awareness about issues, and I think the strike is a great example of that!

Aiswarya Rambhatla, 15, South Island School

Less air conditioning

I think I will not use my air conditioning as much. I might only start using it when it is 30 degrees Celsius or more. Also, I am thinking about becoming a vegetarian, and reducing the amount of food I throw away.

Teresa Kwok, 14, South Island School

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Tolerating the heat

I don’t turn on the AC if the temperature is below 30 degree Celsius. I think a major contributor towards global warming is the overuse of air conditioning. People rely on

it too much during the summer. Switching it on for the whole summer leads to lots of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, which traps more heat, which leads to warmer temperatures – and more ACs being turned on.

Wong Wing-yan, 15, The Hong Kong Management Association K. S. Lo College

Public transport is the key

I think one of the solutions we can all adopt is to take public transport. Hong Kong has a lot of people in it, and there are many cars on the road. We could reduce that by having more people take the bus and the MTR. The government should promote a greater use of renewable energies, such as solar energy and electricity, to replace fossil fuels.

Thomas Yip, 17, Creative Secondary School

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Throw away less

The first thing we have to do is to educate people about how serious the problem is, and how it impacts us in our daily lives. We should decrease the amount of waste we have by throwing away less and recycling more. I walk a lot and take public transport instead of private. Overall, I believe that if everyone does their fair share for the environment we will shape our future for the better!

Carlijn Van der Weijst, 15, South Island School

Bring your own lunchbox

I do not use as many plastic bags as I used to, and bring my own lunchbox with me when I order takeaway. However, few of my friends do the same. We should start telling our friends to be more conscious of how their actions affect the environment. Then they would change the way they behave, too.

Cynthia So, 17, Creative Secondary School

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