At the press of a button

YP junior reporters. Compiled by Chris Lau

Vending machines used to sell only thirst-quenchers, but now they even dispense umbrellas to save you on rainy days. We asked our junior reporters what they would like to see on sale.

YP junior reporters. Compiled by Chris Lau |

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1. Ice cream

I used to get ice cream from vending machines outside Toys'R'Us. Each machine sold cupfuls of dotted, colourful ice cream in many flavours. It was simple, diverse and cold. What a great indulgence on any summer's day!

Abigail Chan

2. Hand-warmers

In the depths of winter, we often feel the chill even after we have wrapped ourselves in layers. Hand-warmers, therefore, should be sold in vending machines because they are affordable and can act as an immediate reserve of warmth.

Emma Tsoi

3. Teddy bears

If you see a little girl cry, it would be nice to buy her a lovable teddy bear to make her feel better.

Nola Yip

4. Environmentally-friendly bags

I always leave my environmentally-friendly bag at home when I go shopping and I end up getting countless plastic bags. With these vending machines, you could always get a reusable bag at the press of a button. Who knew vending machines could help the environment?

Charlotte Chan

5. Magazines

Many people like something to read while they commute. If they could purchase magazines from vending machines, it would be super-convenient.

Fabienne Chui

6. Tissues

When you hang out with friends, one of the most embarrassing scenarios is when you have no tissue after a big, fat sneeze. If there was a tissue vending machine at the corner of every street, you would have no worries.

Zoe Chung

7. Flowers

You are on the way to a party or ceremony, but forgot to buy a bundle of blessings. Don't worry, you can purchase any kind of flowers, in various colours, from an innovative flower vending machine. You won't be embarrassed by arriving empty-handed.

Jack Sze

8. Stationery

It takes so much effort for students to run around to get stationery. If a one-stop vending machine could sell items from pens to erasers, it would definitely make life easier for students. Not only would it save time, customers may find the purchase process enjoyable.

Balwinder Singh

9. Fruit

Hongkongers often hurry from one spot to another and seldom have time to shop for fruit at the market. Now imagine if you could get different types of fruit, like apples, pears and bananas, all from one machine. The colourful fruit would make purchasing from vending machines an attractive experience.

Janet Tam

10. Lip balm

The weather will only get drier and drier as winter approaches. Many people suffer from dry, cracked lips. If people could buy lip balm from vending machines, they could conveniently protect their lips before it is too late.

Eutonne Tam