A hockey league of our very own

Compiled by Chris Lau

Three pros own up to our junior reporters about their sport at Mega Ice in Kowloon Bay on December 17

Compiled by Chris Lau |

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Our junior reporters hang out with the professionals after their interviews.

Grant McLellan, Kowloon Warriors

"Pass! Shoot! Score!" says Grant McLellan, 35, the Vancouver-born Kowloon Warriors' defender.

McLellan began his journey as an ice hockey player at the age of eight back in Canada. He was the first member in his family to play the sport and his passion has never dwindled. Ice hockey has always been a big part of his life, he says.

When he played for his university team, McLellan was involved in several serious accidents. "I was hit one day while playing a match and it felt like the wind was knocked out of me," he recounts.

Although he managed to get back on his feet and finish the match, he fainted afterwards and was rushed to hospital. The blow he had suffered caused internal bleeding.

During his long career on the ice, McLellan has also suffered a dislocated shoulder and a concussion. But he views the highly physical aspect of ice hockey as the sport's most exciting part.

McLellan continues to play ice hockey because, he says, it helps him stay in shape, have fun, and expand his social network.

Adelaide Chan

Sean Tyrrell, South China Shark

Sean Tyrrell, from Canada, started playing ice hockey when he was four. The South China Shark player notes that the Chinese Ice Hockey League (CIHL) is relatively new but is doing very well.

Founded and supported by mainly expats, the league is one of the most professional competitions in Asia.

Players abide by the official NHL rules and each game is refereed by well-trained officials. CIHL games are therefore the closest thing to professional NHL games in Hong Kong. The CIHL is striving to make this Canadian sport a popular pastime among Hongkongers.

Jason Khoo

Julian Ma, Kowloon Warriors

Kowloon Warriors defender Julian Ma has been playing ice hockey for more than 10 years. He took up the game because of his high school friends.

Initially, he played the game for fun. But as time went by, he started to take the sport more seriously. To perfect his skills, Julian plays ice hockey five times a week.

Julian says using appropriate protective gear is important in ice hockey as it is a dangerous sport.

The defender also plays for Hong Kong's ice hockey team. He has represented the city at several tournaments in Asia and Europe.

Although the Hong Kong team have a long way to go before they win tournaments, Julian enjoys spending time with the team.

Dorothy Tsang and Carmen Cheung

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