Best places for studying

YP junior reporters. Compiled by Chris Lau

Some of you may have finished your exams, but others may still be facing testing times. This week we ask our junior reporters for their top 10 study hideouts across town ...

YP junior reporters. Compiled by Chris Lau |

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1. Winnie Lee's study room

The best place to study is my lovely, warm little shelter - my own study room. Some people suggest that you should study either alone at home, or together with supportive friends in a library. For me, nothing beats my own study room. Not because my cheering classmates are not good enough, but because the library is the dullest place for studying - ever. Everyone feels the most comfortable when they are at home, where it keeps you out of the intense school atmosphere. It helps you concentrate on your own work - and makes it convenient when you want to take a break.

Winnie Lee

2. Food-permitted study room, in Choi Wan

The best place for studying is the youth centre near my place on the Choi Wan estate in Ngau Chi Wan. It has a study room where you can snack and drink anytime you like. The only rule is you cannot be noisy otherwise you will get kicked out. The youth centre also serves hot chocolate and cup noodles. which, I believe, are the best treats you can have.

Balwinder Singh

3. My school study room

Why is it the best? Because some of the school's best students study there and I can ask them questions whenever I feel like it. Also, it is quiet and peaceful there - perfect for studying.

Alex Chan

4. Talise's room

For me, the ultimate place to study is my room. When the door is locked, with my desk clear and my book in front of me, all distractions disappear. Nowadays, studying has become much more challenging in school because most of our textbooks and materials are digitalised. As many teenagers may have experienced, studying with an open laptop and quick Wi-fi connection is never the easiest thing to do. I would rather choose the good old option - print all resources out and read on paper. Hurray, for pens and paper! Oh, and also recycling bins.

Talise Tsai

5. Pacific Coffee bar

I like studying at my local Pacific Coffee bar because the environment is - for me - the closest thing to ideal: the subtle lounge music, comfortable chairs, the delicious smells - not to mention the limited 20minute free Wi-fi. Procrastination is simply not an excuse.

Tam Sum-sze

6. Starbucks in Sha Tin

The Starbucks coffee bar in Sha Tin is my hot pick. They provide a comfortable sofa, some eye-friendly lighting and relaxing music. When you get tired, you can take a 15-minute powernap or get yourself a caffeine-laden coffee to reboot your brain. Then, you can continue your studies with a refreshed mind.

Dorothy Tsang

7. McDonald's in Kimberly Road

If you are a fan of studying at McDonald's, the one in Kimberly Road shouldn't escape your radar. It is deserted most weekday evenings and stays open 24-hours a day, too. But the downside is it does not have any computers when you need to access the Internet.

Paul Lee

8. Cafe O

Cafe O, in Mid-Levels, offers a cosy and self-sufficient place for studies. The cafe is clean and stays open for 24hours at weekends. When you are feeling hungry and tired, refreshing juices, all-day breakfast, and Italian coffee are available right there. You can probably survive a zombie attack there.

Jenny Ko

9. Charlotte's 'familiar' bedroom

The best study hideout will be my simple bedroom because it is the place I know the best. It's where I spend most of my time; it suits me perfectly. I also know where everything is, like pens or pencils. And I never have to waste my time travelling there - or dash home if I've left something.

Charlotte Chan

10. Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront

The waterfront is perhaps one of the busiest areas in Tsim Sha Tsui. But the waterfront is a great place for studying. Whether you are lazing in the Cultural Centre Starbucks, or sitting along the Avenue of Stars, the spectacular Hong Kong skyline provides a unique study spot to escape from feeling cooped up in your room.

Cameron Tucker