Let's make up

Compiled by Chris Lau

A few simple tips from the experts is all it takes to get you looking like perfection

Compiled by Chris Lau |

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Make-up artists in the Giorgio Armani store in Sha Tin show our young reporters (from left: Kate Ng, Janet Tam and Zoe Chung; and Gabrielle Ho, bottom) the best way to put on make-up.
One of the biggest leaps from girl to womanhood is the first taste of make-up. But for those who have already tried, you will know that putting the stuff on is not easy; it's a matter of science. Our junior reporters attended a make-up masterclass, conducted by top make-up artists from Giorgio Armani. Check out what they learned ...

Don't neglect your skin

Some may think putting on make-up is a hassle, so they will only do it when they can be bothered. That's because they are doing it wrong. The whole process shouldn't be more than some simple brushing and circular movements on your face. Also, it should make you feel comfortable and natural. But as well as knowing the right way to put on make-up, you also need to know how to protect your skin.

First, clean your face properly. Say to yourself that you will not skip this step for the sake of convenience. Only by cleaning the dead skin off your face will the cosmetic product be easy both to apply and remove.

Use a cotton ball to clean your face with cleansing cream. When you see the cotton ball turn black, you know the dirt is removed and you can apply your foundation and other cosmetics.

With summer just around the corner, knowing how to protect your skin from the sun is important - the sun's ultraviolet rays are the main cause of skin cancer. You shouldn't be lazy when it comes to applying sunscreen, but if you are, an SPF 50 sunscreen can keep your skin safe for eight hours. Besides, trend-wise, pale and smooth skin has become the new black.

Twenty minutes' exposure to the sun without sunscreen is all it takes to destroy two years' hard work at keeping your skin milky. Use sunscreen anywhere, any time!

Kate Ng

Say goodbye to blemished and freckly faces

To cover blemishes, first put some liquid foundation (like Bright Revelator Universal Greige BB Fluid) on your fingertips or a brush. Then gently massage this onto your skin, from the middle outwards. After that, apply some more foundation to cover your more obvious blemishes.

To cover cheeky freckles, put some foundation on a sponge puff and apply it evenly to your face. Why use sponge puffs? Because they can make the texture of the foundation more liquid, giving it better covering capability. Cover the freckles with extra foundation.

Dorothy Tsang

The art of eyeliner and blusher

When you put on eyeliner, if you think you should look horizontally into the mirror, you're wrong. Looking straight will hide the curve of your eyelids, making it hard to apply right to the edge of the lid. When applying powder blusher, the secret is to give a genuine smile. That's because when you smile, your cheeks bulge out, and these bulges are where to apply your blusher.

Janet Tam

Anti-panda eyes procedure

How can we hide the dark circles around our eyes? First, apply a product like Bright Regenerator Concentrate to your face, to help reduce lines and pores. Second, use foundation to cover light imperfections. Third, apply a yellow-toned colour corrector on dark circles and cover them with a layer of concealer - they will be gone in seconds. If you are a perfectionist, consider finishing with pressed powder to keep your skin flawless for the rest of the day.

Karen Fong