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YP readers. Compiled by Chris Lau
YP readers. Compiled by Chris Lau |

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Hong Kong's summer is stuffy and humid - so many people try to escape for a relaxing holiday elsewhere. Or even just dream about it. For this week's top 10, we ask our junior reporters where their ultimate summer getaway would be, assuming they had an unlimited budget, and the only restriction was their imagination ...

1. Hovering above NY

I'd be circling New York in a private helicopter - that would give me a bird's-eye view of that magnificent city and its stunning sights.

Sophie Cheung

2. Daydreaming in Neverland

An imaginary place where no one ever grows old, a place where fairies glow, and no adults are allowed. The holiday there also lasts forever. Umm, sounds like my kind of getaway!

Doris Lam

3. Sport star-spotting in London

I would definitely travel to London to watch the Olympics. Who knows ... I might bump into some sport celebrities.

Balwinder Brar

4. Scuba-diving in Malaysia

Scuba-diving in Sabah, Malaysia, of course. Why? Because it is a super-nice tropical destination.

Talia Kennelly

5. Literal chilling

I would go to cool off at the North Pole, and swim with polar bears and sea lions. I could fish for my meals, and share my haul with the polar bears if I had enough.

Gabrielle Chan

6. Casting spells in Hogwarts

I would like to spend a fun-filled month at Hogwarts. It would be the perfect time to explore the castle grounds, catch up with Hagrid and brush up my charms skills with Professor Flitwick. Hanging out in Hogsmeade with Harry would make this trip even more amazing!

Erica Kwan

7. Food trip to Paris

I would go to Paris and eat macaroons every day. And night.

Vivan Shum

8. Visiting the Silicon Valley of Europe

People say Ireland is the next Silicon Valley, as investors are flooding there to make technological investments. The Irish are well known for their incredible friendliness. You would never get bored of walking on Grafton Street, where there are amazing shops, and street musicians singing and dancing, as if they're in a carnival.

Carly Li

9. Backpacking in Europe

I'd love to be backpacking around Europe this summer. Each European country has something different to offer, and their close proximity means I could soak up and experience many different cultures all at once.

Chitra Karamchandani

10. Magical journey to Oz

Summer would be the best time to go to Oz, the magical place where Dorothy fought with the Wicked Witch of the West with her three best friends. I could also talk to the Munchkins, and visit the Emerald City. It would be an amazing adventure!

Leanne Lam

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