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YP readers. Compiled by Chris Lau
YP readers. Compiled by Chris Lau |

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By now, almost everyone is back at school. To get a head start, you need to set your goals and priorities. Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) takers may want to gear up for the last exam they'll have to sit in secondary school. Those who want to improve their English should read Young Post every day.

For this week's top 10, we asked our readers what their new school year's resolution is.

1. Straight to university

As a Form Six student, my goal is, of course, to get a good result in the DSE and go to university next year. I hope I can get at least a Level Five in each subject. However, I expect even more of myself, as my dream is to become a doctor. As the old proverb goes: "Where there's a will, there's a way."

Ivy Kwok

2. Well-rounded person

My new school year's resolution is to try my very best - not only in school, but in every aspect of my life.

Bianca Chui

3. Become a leader

I will apply to do as much leadership training as possible.

Ilya Hora

4. Leatherism

I've just started my second year at university. Sad to say, I still see myself acting like a secondary student in terms of both my behaviour and way of thinking.

I will graduate in two years' time; there is no time to waste any more. I hope to develop my skill and interest in leather crafts and strike a balance between my studies and this new-found hobby. I hope that soon I can turn this interest into profits, and earn some pocket money while doing something that I love.

Samantha Lau

5. Improve learning habits

This year, my new school year's resolution will be to nurture a habit - to prepare better for my lessons beforehand and take plenty of notes!

Sanchez Lo

6. Read SCMP every day

As a Form Six student, my goal is to get good grades in the DSE and to go to university. To help me, I am determined to read South China Morning Post every day to improve my English, and work diligently in all other subjects.

Janet Choi

7. New start

I graduated from secondary school last term. My resolution is to get used to the new environment as soon as possible.

Lau Chun-kit

8. All-in-one

The best thing about school is that there are so many people to meet; one of my top goals is to make more new true friends, who I can comfortably hang out with. I love all my friends, but hope to make even more new ones.

I also think getting good grades is important, as my report card will reflect what kind of student I am; in fact, I am certain it is the most important goal, because I believe the secret ingredient to a preferred career is unbeatable grades.

Eleanor Lee

9. Join the next Olympics

Watching the London Olympics, I was fascinated and touched by the endurance and willpower of all the athletes. That's why I have made my decision: I'll quit school and become a professional athlete from today on. Hang on, what? There are no categories for puppies ...

Dennis Goodboy

10. 4x squared minus-z-z-z

To stay awake in maths. Grrrrr. That's hard.

Doris Lam

Next week:

Most of you have been back at school for a week. We believe some of you are still getting your pencil cases in order. Stationery makers are smart; they love to merge the functions of two different stationeries into one jolly device. Over the years, we've seen pencils with erasers on their heads. The pencil razor-equipped pencil case is also a classic.

For next week's top 10, we'd like to know which two stationeries you'd merge to make even handier stationery.

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