Letters from the dorm: I'm my own worst roommate

By Alex Wong, University of Hong Kong
By Alex Wong, University of Hong Kong |

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Your roommate might not be your best friend. In some cases, he may not even be your friend at all. But he will definitely be the person you have the most time (if not fun) with at a boarding house.

He will be the one to see you at your worst, and in return, you will see the worst of him, too. A good roommate would make me feel as if I lived on my own. But he would always be there to lend me stationery or snacks and not expect to have them back.

Unfortunately, such roommates are rare. Often we wind up with slobs who hate cleaning up their mess. Or else, we may end up with troubled nags who are obsessed with cleanliness.

My current roommate leans very much towards the cleanliness end of the spectrum. His clothes are always hung neatly on hangers or tucked away inside drawers. He makes his bed even though he doesn't have to, given the absence of our parents.

I am far more laidback when it comes to housekeeping. My bed sheets and quilt lie thrown over my sweatpants and pyjamas. My shoes and sandals lie scattered around the floor.

So when the house matron inspects rooms, I always stand out for not keeping up with my roommate's exemplary cleanliness. I blame my messiness on my artistic traits, but she clearly doesn't buy that excuse.

My roommate probably is a million times more qualified to complain than me. I am also an incompetent but enthusiastic singer - which is the worst combination of qualities.

I love singing my heart out and sometimes I forget someone is in the room with me. He would then turn around and shoot me a stern look. That may or may not stop me.

So here's a shout-out to my roommate, Angus: I am a bad roommate and I know it. So thank you for not freaking out after seeing my worst antics!

I would have gone crazy with a roommate like me!