Yule love these gift ideas

YP readers. Compiled by Gareth Pang

Christmas is around the corner. Are you running short of gift ideas? No worries. In this week's Top 10, we ask our readers what would be their coolest gift for Christmas

YP readers. Compiled by Gareth Pang |

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1. Trampoline

A fun-packed Christmas is guaranteed when you have your own trampoline. Are you ready for a big leap into the New Year?

Ilya Hora

2. Giving is the best gift

Sometimes I wonder if festivals are becoming too commercial and materialistic. I wish to share my Christmas joy with homeless people in my neighbourhood. After all, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Kate Ng

3. A trip to South Korea

Christmas came early and my aunt just handed me the coolest gift ever - an air ticket to Korea! I've always been into Korean music, fashion and food. This is a trip I have been dreaming of for a long time. A huge surprise for me, too, when I opened the envelope and saw the shiny ticket.

Jenny Tong

4. University offer

After years of effort, a university acceptance letter will be the coolest Christmas gift ever.

Emmanuel Hui

5. Adopted pet

Show some love and adopt a pet from a local animal shelter. Make sure you take good care of it. This will make both you and the animal happy.

Elly Hung

6. Time machine

The end of the year is approaching. Have you done anything you regret in the past year? A time machine would give me a second chance to put things right.

Heidi Kwan

7. Potato chips

I'd like packets of crispy potato chips in every flavour available. I say a packet of chips a day keeps the doctor away. Hurrah! Cool enough for Christmas.

Jack Mak

8. Personalised tumbler

It can serve as a water glass or a useful "stuff holder". You can also make it a unique gift with decorations of your choice. Now, you can kill two birds with one tumbler.

Mimi Lam

9. Packet of oatmeal

After all the yummy Christmas puddings, mince pies and gingerbread, some oatmeal is needed to get us back on a healthy track.

Janet Choi

10. Tickets to the Junior Reporter Awards

Hanging out with fun, enthusiastic junior reporters at an afternoon party full of games and gifts? Aye captain, I am in!

Dennis Goodboy

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