Score a bullseye

YP readers. Compiled by Gareth Pang

Life is all about trial and error. But what would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn't fail? This week, our readers outline their fail-safe plans

YP readers. Compiled by Gareth Pang |

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1. Become a soccer star

Manchester United has been my favourite football club since I was a child. I will call up their manager, Alex Ferguson, and ask him for a trial. It would be a dream come true to play at Old Trafford alongside world-class strikers Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie.

Jack Sze

2. End world hunger

It would take a lot of time and effort, but knowing that everyone in the world will sleep with a full stomach would satisfy me.

Jade Lam

3. Speedy exams

Knowing that I will score full marks anyway, I would write two HKDSE papers at once, one with each hand. This way I can shorten the exam period by half!

Kate Ng

4. Being lazy

As I'd be certain I could be lazy, I'd spend the whole day in bed with the curtains closed, eating chips!

Mizuki Nishiyama

5. Ride a bicycle round the world

My dad wants to go around China on a bike when he retires. I guess I'd go one step further and take my bike all over the world. I could stop in any city I wanted and try out all sorts of delicacies.

Mimi Lam

6. Become an exam machine

I would sit all the tests I could think of, be it the Diploma of Secondary Education, the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the Graduate Record Exam - just to prove my extraordinary abilities.

Heidi Kwan

7. Taste the best food in the world

I would eat whatever I wanted without getting fat.

Nicole Hurip

8. Becoming Eponine

I would star as Eponine in Les Miserables. Her ragged, selfless character intrigues me. On My Own is also the most heartbreaking song, and I always lip-synch along with it.

Jade Chan

9. Learn to cook

I'd probably pick up cooking again after failing miserably with the burnt carbonara last time.

Lau Chun-kit

10. Back to school

I would go back to obedience school and make a second attempt to pass all my tests.

Dennis Goodboy

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