'Mum' really is the word

YP readers. Compiled by John Kang

Sunday is Mother's Day, so we asked our readers what the perfect Mother's Day gift would be. Here are the Top 10 answers

YP readers. Compiled by John Kang |

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1. My mum loves flowers. But instead of buying fresh blooms that will quickly wilt after a few days, I'll make a resin paperweight with dried flowers inside.

Jessie Pang, 17

2. As I'm away overseas, I'm going to make a video, which takes a lot more effort than just a regular e-card! That way, she can play the video whenever she misses me.

Tam Sum-sze, 19

3. A voice recorder. My mother always has to repeat her orders time after time, and it's tiring for the both of us. With a voice recorder, my mother could record her orders and with the press of a button, it would scream them out for her.

Gabrielle Chan, 18

4. My mum always tells me that I'm the most handsome boy in the world. So I guess the best and most beautiful gift would be a picture of myself.

Luke Tang, 18

5. My mum already has the perfect gift - me! Despite endless revising (smirk), I often help my mum out with her chores.

Cassandra Lee, 20

6. Peace and quiet. With three boisterous children bouncing around the house, a busy job and lots of mum chores to do every day, she definitely deserves a break.

Ruthie Laidler, 16

7. My mum always cooks for us, so for Mother's Day, I'll cook her a beautiful dinner with my brother so she can rest ... for a day.

Kate Ng, 17

8. I'll be a good boy! I'll take her for a great walk, take her out for the best dog food there is, and give her the most beautiful bone I can dig up. Can't wait to see her tail wag!

Dennis Goodboy

9. A simple kiss and hug from her loving daughter should be enough!

Nola Yip, 16

10. No more need to nag. For the rest of the month, I'll do everything she always nags me to do. I'll get up early, do my homework on time, won't get hurt, will tell her where I am when I'm out, and will come home for dinner.

John Kim, 18

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