Perfect hiding spots

YP readers. Compiled by John Kang

Whether we're hiding from the US government, our fears, or simply playing hide and seek, we all have our favourite hiding places. We asked our readers where theirs are, and here are their answers ...

YP readers. Compiled by John Kang |

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1. Buried in a blanket

Whenever I want to be alone, I hide under my thick, warm blanket. When I sit up, I can form an intimidating tent and keep invaders away. It's the best place for hiding, as you can isolate yourself from the outside in a cosy place, but you are still at home with family if you need support.

Winnie Lee Wing-yee, 17

2. Staying submerged

After a long day at school, I take a nice, long shower. After that, I am reluctant to leave, resulting in me trying to hide myself in the bathtub. I pull down the blinds, turn off the water, and lie there waiting to be found.

Liam Fung, 11

3. Think differently!

My favourite hiding place is probably in plain sight. It's fun to hide in a place so blindingly obvious and ridiculous (for example, waiting in line at the bus stop). You'll become invisible not by sight, but by mind tricks.

Meaghan T'ao, 17

4. Out of reach

On top of my wardrobe. I'm a cat-like person, and I really like high places. Plus, no one would ever find me up there!

Mimi Lam, 15

5. Frosty and unfound

The refrigerator. It's a quirky place to hide, but it also offers refreshing cold drinks and "air conditioning'' on a scorching hot summer's day! It's the perfect hiding spot.

Karina Lai, 15

6. Stay down low

Underneath the table. This is also the best option if there is an earthquake! You'll never know what you might find there, too! Maybe some fun Blu-Tack or a pen you lost. Let's just hope you don't have a pair of unwashed socks there!

Hua Yuk-ting, 14

7. Nuzzling with nature

My favourite hiding place is among the trees in my school garden. It's serene, intimate and full of wildlife. And since my uniform is green, I also camouflage well!

Jade Lam, 16

8. Stinking good spot!

The bathroom. It can be locked without arousing suspicion from family members, and there are plenty of towels and tissues in case you need to cry.

Minnie Yip, 15

9. Secret stowaway

My uncle's suitcase! He travels a lot for work and I don't see him very often. Not only would I get to travel to different countries if I hid there, I would also see my favourite uncle every day!

Stephanie Ma, 15

10. Against expectations

I would hide in the study room. Since I never study, nobody would think to go and look for me there!

Yuen Chun-wing, 16

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