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YP readers. Compiled by John Kang
YP readers. Compiled by John Kang |

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Work is probably the last thing on most people's minds during the summer. However, summer jobs can be fun and rewarding, at least financially. Last week, we asked our readers what their dream summer job would be, and here are their answers

1. Oh, so cool, baby!

Ice cream vendor. I love seeing happy faces, and to do so during work is a dream come true. So, what makes people happy? Obviously ice cream, especially in the sizzling summer!

Winnie Lee Wing-yee, 18

2. Dish it out

Food critic. I was encouraged to develop very good taste in food, so I would love to try all sorts of different dishes and get to write reviews about restaurants. Most importantly, I would get to eat for free.

Kira Lai, 15

3. Saving lives

Lifeguard. One job that's synonymous with the summer is that of a lifeguard. Long days spent next to a glistening, azure pool, soaking up the sunshine, is a top-notch way to pass the holidays and fill up your pockets.

Cameron Tucker, 20

4. Yes, on porpoise

Dolphin trainer. Not only would I get to work with lovely dolphins, but it would also be an opportunity to build patience, as training animals needs lots of love and care.

Zita Cheung, 14

5. Lights (off), camera ...

Ticket taker at a cinema. Being a film enthusiast, I'd be delighted to see the joyful faces as people experience the magic of the cinema. The added bonus is getting to see the newest blockbusters for free.

Jade Lam, 16

6. 'Soft kitty, warm kitty'

Baby animal caretaker. I have always dreamt of feeding fluffy tiger cubs warm milk in a bottle while holding them in my arms. The sleepy and contented look on their faces would be the most satisfying reward ever, so I wouldn't mind cleaning up after them ... I think.

Ruby Leung, 16

7. Simplicity with a view

Clerk. I love a good view, and working in Central or Admiralty, I can enjoy the views of Victoria Harbour while sipping a classy cup of mocha and doing the simplest job - clerical work, like typing, photocopying and making coffee for my boss! It's easy work for a great view and I find clerical work quite therapeutic!

Elise Choi, 19

8. Time to teach

Tutor. I like teaching those who have difficulty learning, and to me, it is a meaningful job - especially as students in Hong Kong are always so stressed that they may not perform well in their examinations. As a bonus, tutors are well-paid.

Yip Tsun-sing, 16

9. Baking up a dream

Apprentice at a pastry shop. I love cooking and baking, and I'll never get bored, as pastries can be so sophisticated. There is so much to learn. I might even be able to snack on some leftover bits and pieces.

Michele Chan, 13

10. The sweet life

Working at a gelato shop or other confectionary store. Bring on the salaries, the slacking and the snacking! Because, hey, if you haven't gained 5kg, your summer's almost been an absolute waste, right?

Meaghan T'ao, 17

Next week:

Your last week of the summer holiday is coming up! Whether you've been at the gym getting your dream swimsuit body, or gained a few kilos from all those ice creams, or got tanned or burnt, it's time to go back to school next week. For our next Top 10, tell us what you're looking forward to the most and why. Send your response, together with your name, age and school, to [email protected] with "Top 10: Back to school" in the subject field

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