Letters from the dorm: An all-time-high summer

By Candace Kwan, University of Washington
By Candace Kwan, University of Washington |

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University and three-month summers come hand-in-hand - say whattttttt? It's not like I hadn't heard of long summers, but as I'd yet to experience it for myself, it just seemed a figment of my imagination.

Well, an internship at a public relations/marketing company, plenty of hanging out with friends and a handful of stories for Young Post later, I can't believe my summer's at an end, and all the stuff I managed to do over the summer.

I didn't just meet, but got to interview my favourite rock band, All Time Low (thanks Young Post!). Saying it was the highlight of my summer would be an understatement. Is this real life? Pinch me!

I flew back to the US on Friday, and instruction starts on Wednesday. The day before my flight I still hadn't even started packing. Oops! Packing sounds easy, but it's a total pain - thinking about the weight limit always makes me shudder, but I knew I'd get it done in time. Isn't "I work best under pressure" the mantra of all students? Just kidding though ... procrastination is not your friend (friendly reminder: start on those uni applications now!).

That said, I am looking forward to being back at university - I moved into my apartment on Saturday (we finally have a kitchen; no more "cooking" food in the rice cooker and communal microwave!). It was great to see my friends again and find out what they've been up to!

Oh, and I'm pretty pleased with my schedule - I even have Mondays off (I dreamed of having a long weekend in high school!). YES! But there is a price to pay - three lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to turn my brain to mush. Yikes! I think I'll be fine though - Contemporary Moral Problems, Intro to Communications II and Native Peoples of the Pacific Northwest (Native American history) and a few credits of independent study will surely keep me busy enough to ward homesickness away.

*sniff sniff* Leaving Hong Kong doesn't get any easier, but I can't complain. After three months of fun, it was time for me to get my head out of the clouds. I'll be back in 11 weeks for Christmas anyway ... The second year, bring it on. I'm ready.