Talking points: What is the best thing about being the age you are now?


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Natasha Lau, 16, South Island School

The best thing about being my age is that we only have to worry about our studies, and not our job. As all the adults keep on telling me, you should enjoy the time in secondary school because university is looming and life gets more serious.


Harry Cheng, 17, TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College

At 17 you finally get to graduate from secondary school. You can enjoy the graduation ceremony, dinner and photo-taking. You only do these things once. Even though you have graduation in primary school and university, they are different. After so many years of hard work, it's a really exciting moment.


Hua Yuk-ting, 14, South Island School

Most people wouldn't think being 14 is good. You're at that in-between stage where you're not a teenager or a child. But I think it's an advantage. We get a little taste of freedom and decision-making, but we don't have to face the consequences of our choices too much. Our decisions are simple: what do we want to do during the holidays, and so on. It's not life-changing. I love being this age, too, because I get a dose of reality. That makes me feel more sophisticated.


Vidushi Sasha Saksena, 15, Renaissance College Hong Kong

We can be immature and mature at the same time. We're not old enough to make important decisions, but our opinion (if valid) still matters. When you're younger, no one cares about your viewpoint, but once you're an adult, you can't really act like a child anymore.


Sanchez Lo, 18, Chinese University of Hong Kong

The best thing about being 18 is that you're young enough to make mistakes and have people forgive you, but you're also old enough to start making your own choices.



Tell us what is the best thing about being the age you are now in the comment box below.

In the next Talking Points, we’ll be discussing what is a current trend or fad right now that you don’t understand


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