Warm up with koala cuddles

Compiled by John Kang

We sent our junior reporters to Ngong Ping 360 where they enjoyed a hug with their new, furry friend

Compiled by John Kang |

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Junior reporters (from left) Janet Choi, Nola Yip and Kent De Jesus meet the giant koala.
There's no party like a koala party, so our junior reporters were delighted to hang out with a furry friend from Koala's March at Ngong Ping 360 on a chilly day last month. A giant 1.8-metre-tall koala sent by Koala's March, a brand of cookie, led the Christmas celebrations. The koala was more than happy to give everyone hugs and take photos with visitors. Our reporters also learned how to twist balloons into koala shapes and got to eat as many cookies as they could manage. Here's what they thought of the day.

Cute koalas are cool

Celebrating the Christmas season at Ngong Ping Village was definitely a treat. I was getting bored of seeing reindeers and snowmen every year at Christmas, so it made a nice change to be entertained by cute koalas instead. Also, I must say I'd take a giant koala over a fat old man dressed in red and white any day!

It was a sweet experience, too. The staff at Ngong Ping 360 was giving out Koala's March chocolate cookies left and right. We probably ended up eating a few too many! We also enjoyed some delicious candy from the adorable koala decorations.

Kent De Jesus

Junior reporters pose with Santa and display their koala balloons.

Balloon therapy

Eating all those cookies certainly wasn't good for our waistlines, so it was nice to have a distraction from the food. We were taught how to twist balloons into koala bear shapes at a workshop at the Glittering Christmas Village.

It was a really unique Christmas experience. I'd never thought of balloon twisting during the Christmas season, let alone into a koala bear shape.

Twisting the balloons was not only fun, but also relaxing. We had to concentrate so hard on not popping the balloons that all our stress melted away. Another bonus was that we could use the koala-shaped balloon as a Christmas present for a friend and save some of our pocket money.

In the end, I'm glad to report that none of our cute koala balloons popped and we all took home our new creations.

Janet Choi

A giant among koalas

Living in Hong Kong, it can be hard enough finding 1.8m-tall people, let alone a 1.8m-tall koala. But we actually met this magical creature during the Christmas season at Ngong Ping Village.

Not only did we get to meet the koala, we were lucky enough to hug our new friend and take loads of photos to show off back home. The koala was busy all day hugging visitors. He was so popular that he had his own area just to hug people in! It looked like everyone was having a great time. The area was appropriately called "Koala's March - Love and Hug".

It was cold that day, but it didn't matter - we were warm from all the hugs we received from this giant, furry buddy.

Nola Yip

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