YP Cadets On: what event they’d be a fly on the wall for

Pauline WongKelsi Lo

Our Young Post cadets tell us which event in the past, present or future they would love to be a fly on the wall at

Pauline WongKelsi Lo |

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Lauren Faith Lau

It might seem gory, but I would love to have been present at the execution of Marie Antionette, Queen of France, during the French Revolution (1789-1799). 

During this period in history, the citizens of France rose up against the aristocracy, who were deeply unpopular due to their outrageous excesses while the rest of the country lived in poverty. The king, Louis XVI, was sentenced to death for high treason and crimes against the state, and sent to the guillotine (his head was chopped off). Some months later, Marie Antionette, still grieving over the loss of her husband and as unpopular as ever, was met with the same fate.

I’ve read books about how it all went down in 1793, as I’ve always been fascinated by this period in history. However, I would love to have actually witnessed for myself the nerve-wracking event that truly meant the end of the royal couple.

I can’t imagine how Marie Antionette must’ve felt riding in an open carriage, exposed to the jeering of the public, on her way to her own execution. Moreover, I don’t know how she had the courage to walk up to the guillotine. Some say this lavish couple got what they deserved, but Marie Antionette must have been so frightened. I wish I could have witnessed this event in order to see the human side of the French Queen.

Pauline Wong

I want to be a fly on the wall in New Jersey on July 11, 1804, when Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr had their infamous duel. I’m a big fan of Hamilton: An American Musical , and whenever I listen to the songs, the final showdown between Hamilton and Burr always sticks with me. The song conjures up vivid images of Hamilton raising his gun and shooting above Burr’s head, but Burr’s bullet going right into Hamilton – but I’ve always wanted to see for myself what happened.

It was a historic and tragic event, and I want to, as one of the lines go, be “in the room where it happened”. 

Silvia Tse

If I could also have the power to understand any language on Earth AND read minds as well as being a fly on a wall, I would like to be one at a top secret meeting among important figures in North Korea.

North Korea is known for being a harsh regime to live in — but we don’t know much else, as it’s one of the most secretive countries in the world. The stories we read in the news about North Korea portray it in the same way: narrow-minded, nationalistic, unfeeling. However, after watching documentaries on North Korean civilian life, I realised that the people are just like us, with dreams and aspirations.

This makes me wonder what the underlying motives are of those in charge in North Korea. Are the people in government too afraid to stand up to Kim Jong Un, or do they purely have their own interests at heart? Either way, I would love to be able to share what I learn with the rest of the world. 

Katrina Yip

There are so many great events that have left their mark on history, from the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany to man walking on the moon. I want to go back in time – really far back – to when animals began to venture out of the sea and onto land.

This event occurred 30 million years after single-celled organisms began to evolve into multicellular organisms. Without this happening, mankind might not exist today as we know it.

We might still be living in the ocean, with fish as our neighbours, or maybe as fish ourselves. I would love to know how and why so many animals have evolved to become land dwellers and not sea dwellers. Finding out more about this point in time would help us unlock some of mankind’s greatest mysteries. With this new knowledge, modern scientists would be able to make significant new breakthroughs. 

Tanaya Wagh

“In soloing – as in other activities – it is far easier to start something than it is to finish it.” Truer words have never been spoken by anyone, let alone Amelia Earhart. Lost at sea, the American aviator set off to circumnavigate the Earth on June 1, 1937, but lost contact with the US Coast Guard soon after, and was never heard from again.

The enigma surrounding her death has always intrigued me. I would’ve loved to know what she felt during those terrifying last moments just before her plane crashed. What was going through her mind? What caused the plane to crash? And most importantly, did she survive, and if she did, where did she go?

To this day, her disappearance remains one of mankind’s greatest unanswered mysteries, and although countless theories are floating around the internet, I’d love to know the answer for sure. Also it’d be great to see this American hero in real life and silently salute her for her remarkable achievements and courageous nature. 

Kelsi Lo

If I could become a fly on the wall for any event, I would like to be at one of the shows that Criss Angel, one of the world’s most famous magicians, performed in. I want to learn how he did all of his mind-blowing tricks.

His performances have always been unbelievable to watch from the audience, but if I could watch his performance as a fly on the wall, I’d watch it form a different angle, like behind the board he would always use to hide how he escapes.

Watching the show at this angle, I’d be able to see every single detail of each trick, like how he makes the “cutting” of the bodies of his performers look so realistic during his “Rip Bodies Apart” trick (when he looks like he is cutting up two people’s bodies and mixing them up).

Of course, just because I’d be a sneaky little fly on the wall doesn’t mean I would ever expose his secrets. I’d play by the rules, because everyone knows that a magician must never reveal their secrets.

Edited by Ginny Wong