YP Cadets On: which internationally recognised award they would want to win

By YP cadets

With the Teen Choice Awards right around the corner, our cadets share with us which internationally recognised award they would aspire to win and why

By YP cadets |

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Pauline Wong

The SWS Feminist Activism Award honours an SWS (Sociologists for Women in Society) member who has used sociology to improve conditions for women in society. The award honours outstanding feminist advocacy efforts that have improved women’s lives. Even though it’s 2017, women still face a lot of discrimination in their daily lives. It’s not like I’ve really done anything to improve conditions for women in society, but as a feminist, I always think about women’s rights. Reading comments that come across as demeaning or derogatory towards women on the internet, or hearing them in the real world, is maddening and I want to do something to help make equality between the sexes a reality. Receiving this award would be amazing of course, but more than the actual award itself, I want to use the opportunities the award would afford me in promoting feminism and equality.

Christopher Kwok

I’d love to be awarded an Olympic medal for swimming. It wouldn’t matter what colour it is, as just having any medal would be proof my abilities and effort have been recognised. I’m far from Olympic standards, but if I was awarded a medal, I’d see it as a symbol of being able to rise to a challenge, of my commitment, and of sports camaraderie; not as an achievement. I’d want an Olympic medal specifically because there is no higher sporting level. As a competitive swimmer, I already regularly take part in competitions, and I know what sort of mindset is needed to advance to the finals of any event. An Olympic medal is the physical embodiment of that mindset and feeling, and having one would place me amongst sporting legends like Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Jenny Thompson.

Kelsi Lo

I’ve been a Junior Reporter for three years, and I’m also a Young Post cadet at the moment, which tells you how much I love journalism. I’d want to be awarded something from the Hong Kong Human Rights Press Awards, which awards coverage of issues included in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In Hong Kong, our rights are largely protected – like our right to have an education. However, there are growing concerns other aspects of our rights, like the freedom of speech, are being attacked. I’ve love to be able to report on how our rights are being taken away from us, and help encourage all Hongkongers to stand up for their rights. I’m nowhere near the level where I’d be awarded anything right now, but don’t worry – I’m working on it!

Lauren Faith Lau

To be awarded a Pulitzer Award would be a recognition of how dedicated I am to writing. The Pulitzer Award for Fiction is one of seven awards given out to American authors that excel in newspaper journalism, literary achievements and music composition. If I could, I would love to win for my work in journalism. Journalists strive to find the truth – for instance, the truth behind government schemes and policies, about what goes on in war zones, and about social phenomena. Journalism can be used as a symbol of democracy too, as journalists are supposed to present fast and fair facts, and let readers make their own minds up. I want to be able to do in my own work, to display my love for writing and civic activities, and to help being a positive influence for others.

Tanaya Wagh

Given that I was a US citizen, I’d love to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom With Distinction, which is the highest award a civilian can be given. Former US President Barack Obama said the Presidential Medal of Freedom is “a tribute to the idea that all of us, no matter where we come from, have the opportunity to change this country for the better”. It wouldn’t be about the award itself for me – it’s the honour and respect that’s associated with it. I’d become synonymous with some of history’s most remarkable people, and it would be a testament to the idea anyone, from any walk of life, can make a difference. And as for the “With Distinction” aspect ... well, it’s an honour that’s bestowed upon very few, and I’d like that extra merit too!

Taina Puddefoot

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of five Nobel Prizes created by Alfred Nobel, a Swedish industrialist, inventor, and weapons manufacturer. If I were to win any internationally recognised award, it would be the Nobel Peace Prize. Figures like Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa, and Malala Yousafzai have all been recipients of this award, and they’re great inspirations in my life. Their efforts to strengthen international diplomacy, to end the suppression of children and advocate for their rights to education, to work towards the end of apartheid, have inspired so many people to do their part to eradicate conflict in the world. Winning this award would mean I could use my (future!) achievements to encourage others to dedicate themselves to that too.

Edited by Ginny Wong