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Eunice Yip

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Hello everyone! I am a girl who dreams a lot and is willing to fulfil her ambitions. But years ago, I was sort of a “camper” who was satisfied with my life and stopped improving. For instance, if I received an unexpected high score in an exam, I would be very happy and take things easy. I thought I would never be able to achieve my dreams, and my life had no real purpose.

Most inspiring quote:

“Wishing is easy but it takes action to make your dreams come true.”

– Author David Cuschieri

To fulfil a dream, I should neither be a “camper” nor “quitter”. I’ve learned to be a “climber” who always works hard to make my dreams come true. Maybe there are a zillion stressful hurdles out there that I have to overcome, but I will still try my best and pursue my dreams.

Charmaine Chang (14)

Hey there! I am just an average teen trying to survive the immense pressure from expectations and education. As a perfectionist, I am constantly haunted by failures in life.

Most inspiring quote:

“Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?”

– Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, mother of former US president John F. Kennedy

Nobody’s life is a smooth curve – we all have our ups and downs. It is easy to be happy during good times and be sad or lose hope during bad times. However, like the weather, life will change. It won’t be sunny or stormy all the time. The sun will hide behind thick clouds, while the storm will move away. We should always see the good in the bad. Even when you are feeling down, you should take small steps that could lead to your ultimate achievement. So smile no matter you are walking under a bright sun or through storms in life.

Ally Chan (16)

Hi there! I’m Angelina, and I have a problem with letting things go. I tend to overthink and blame myself for a lot of things that I don’t do perfectly, don’t have control over, or just happened to me.

Most inspiring quote:

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

– American poet Robert Frost

This quote helped me realise that while failure might at first seem like the end of everything, it does not actually matter too much. Perfection isn’t achievable. So looking back at the past two years of my secondary school life or looking ahead to the next two years, I think that is one of the most important things to remember to being a happy person.

Angelina Wang (15)

Ayy hello!

Although I may seem cheerful and bright all the time, I don’t like making mistakes. That’s why I’m extremely fearful when trying out new things. I am not cheeky enough to hide my embarrassment and will immediately give up after a failed second attempt. I believe that making mistakes means failure because people will remember the wrongs you did.

Most inspiring quote:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

– Ancient Chinese philosopher and writer Lao Tzu

This quote reminds me that there must be a first step in everything we do. It’s okay to fail because no one can succeed without trying more than once. Once you step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be able to go further and achieve something you never imagined you could.

Eunice Yip (16)

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