Dead bugs, plasticky taste, a Band Aid: you won't believe what our readers have eaten at their schools' canteens

This week, we asked our readers about the worst food at their school canteen. Here are some of our favourite answers!

Charlotte Ames-Ettridge |

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A raw deal

Have you ever tried a raw meat patty before? I had it in primary school, and it was disgusting and definitely the worst lunch ever. The meal consisted of dry and rotten vegetables, and the raw meat – it actually made me vomit.

Kristy Li Wai-kiu, 14

Time to fill a void

The sandwiches at our canteen are the worst. There are no vegetables in them, only luncheon meat, egg, or cheese - not healthy, and not tasty, either.

Judy Cheung, 14

Lunch is a blessing

I don’t think there is a “worst lunch” at my school canteen, because it serves a lot of delicious food. But then again, I am not a picky eater! If you ask me, the worst lunch would be no lunch at all; that would make me really miserable.

Chen Jia-xuan, 15

Plastic fantastic

I used to like having lunch at my school canteen, until I had one particular meal. It was spaghetti with sausages. It looked, and smelled, as if it wasn’t fresh (which I know it wasn’t, because our canteen food arrives pre-cooked and they just reheat it). It tasted like plastic. I don’t usually throw away food, but that was a hard meal to finish.

Grace Chui, 15

A sticky situation

Definitely the Shanghai sticky rice roll. It’s wrapped in plastic like a sausage, and not only does it look bad, it tastes bad, too. It has no flavour at all!

Tammy Lee, 13

Roach sauce

I once found a cockroach in my school lunch. It was lying there, dead, covered in ketchup. It was really terrible. Thank goodness I found it before I ate it!

Natalie Ying Yu-man, 16

I’m bugging out here

I had one experience at my school canteen that completely freaked me out. I was halfway through my meal when I suddenly found a little black dot stuck between some ham and egg. I looked at it a little more closely and realised it was a bug! Well, a bit of a bug anyway. There was a tiny hairy leg on my ham, and what looked like wings and maybe the head of a bug in my rice. Here’s my question: where was the rest of it? Had I already eaten it? Ewwww!

Serena Yu, 14

Caterpillar catering

I’ve had the pleasure of eating what appeared to be the “Caterpillar Feast” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This magnificent meal was served with a fully-cooked, dead caterpillar, plus the added bonus of a used Band Aid thrown into the mix. Delicious!

Veronica Lin, 18

Edited by Ginny Wong