Talking Points: what worries you the most about the upcoming school year?


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This school year started with mass school boycotts in both secondary and universities across the city.

I am taking my IGCSE exams this year and this is definitely something that I am stressing out about. Even though it is only the start of the year, there is a tough study schedule and
I have a lot of homework and quizzes to complete every day.

Teresa Kwok, 14, South Island School

I’m most concerned about my upcoming DSE exams as I’m in Form Six this year, and I have less than half a year to prepare for this important university qualification exam.

I’m also concerned about the current political situation regarding the anti-extradition bill protests. I feel that Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor should aim to resolve this complex issue by a calm and peaceful dialogue process, and to actually listen and respond to the protesters’ legitimate demands.

Jimmy Jim, 17, Ying Wa College

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The thing I’m most worried about is choosing DSE subjects. I’m Form Three this year, and it’s going to be a stressful year ahead! I will have to study super hard to get good results and choose my favourite subjects for further study in my last few years for the HKDSE exam. I’m just really nervous that I won’t be able to manage my time well and soon see my grades dropping like a stone. I also want to sign up for lots of activities but I’ll have to choose only a few to make time for studying … Hopefully I’ll be fine and achieve good results!

Chloe Lau Hong-ching, 14, St Mary’s Canossian College

I’ll be taking my GCSEs this year, and I keep feeling like I won’t do well enough to choose the subjects I want for IB. I also worry that my grades won’t be as good as I’d like them to look on my résumé after I graduate. So, overall I’m really most concerned about my public exams. However, I’m also stressed about the political situation in Hong Kong right now, and whether I’ll be able to continue my education without hassle.

Leanne Jackson, 16, Sha Tin College

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As a Form Six student, the DSEs are obviously important for the future, but it means so much more to me than simply sitting for an exam. After all, everyone around you – your teachers, parents and fellow schoolmates – have been training you for this exact moment, and to fail them, to see so much effort go to waste, is a reality I do not want to face. Perhaps getting a high score in the DSEs, not only for a brighter future, but to repay everyone that helped me get here, is what concerns me the most.

Cyrus Chu, 17, St Louis School

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