Best Friends Forever #4: Shared memories


Best friends come in all shapes and sizes, but what matters most are the memories we share with them

Veronica Lin |

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Sometimes your best friend isn't a person, but it's your best friend anyway.

The memories I have with my BFF may not be spectacular compared to other people. The most special memory I have is of us chatting over food in a cafe. It may not seem exciting, but to me, it’s comforting and meaningful. I love that we can talk about our family and worry about our future together, knowing that we’ll always be there to support each other. She lets me rant on about my problems and gives me good advice; she’s like a big sister to me.

Kai U Cheang, 17, Macau Anglican College

My best friend is Amy. We’ve been best friends for five years now. We’ve never fought because we are always respectful of each other’s opinions and decisions. We both love books and like talking about what we’re currently reading. Last summer, we went to Shanghai together. We visited the Pearl Tower, where we enjoyed the view and had fun taking pictures. She’s the first friend I’ve ever travelled with.

Huang Ka-yi, 12, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College

Best Friends Forever #1

Sleep and I are inseparable. We used to hang out for hours everyday when I was young. These days I haven’t been able to see it as much. I’ve just been so busy with school work, so we can only catch up for a few hours. But it’s those precious moments when we’re together that keeps me going in life.

Nicholas Ng, 17, South Island School

Everyone has a BFF. My best friend is someone very special to me – my father. We’re both into playing basketball, so we have always have a lot to talk about. He is kind, friendly, and strict when he needs to be. He’s my friend as well as my teammate and teacher. When I was little, my dad taught me how to play basketball patiently and never gave up on me. I appreciate him very much, and think he will be my best friend forever.

Feng Yu-ho, 14, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College

Best Friends Forever #2: Always by my side

I have a guitar, and it is my best friend. He’s not warm and cuddly like a pet animal, but when I hear its voice, I feel warm inside. He isn’t the kind of friend who can listen to your worries, either, but when it speaks, I feel calmer. I got my guitar from my father and it was the best birthday present I ever received. We’ve stayed up together on many nights writing songs, and I’ve been through many ups and downs with it.

Cynthia So, 17, Creative Secondary School

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