Letters from the dorm: Halfway through school at Halfway Hall

By Elaine Leung, Durham University, UK
By Elaine Leung, Durham University, UK |

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I received an invitation a few weeks ago from my college for a party called Halfway Hall. It marks the halfway point for second year students.

Having written "Letters from the Dorm" a few times about my university experiences, I am now almost halfway through my degree.

As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun.

When I look back, I notice that while I gradually gained knowledge at university, my personal development has been fast-paced.

Suddenly, deciding which society event to go to is not what's important; it's which career path I should take. Suddenly, it strikes me that my parents have a lot of trust in me, whether allowing me to go on weekend trips by myself or letting me decide who to live with and where to live. Suddenly, I feel the urge to equip myself with more skills while I have the time.

So, before the end of my degree, I would like to accomplish a few things.

First, to be able to have long conversations in Russian.

Second, to explore every corner of the campus. My degree would not be complete without a trip to the university's Botanic Garden.

And finally, to spend more time with friends from university before everyone embarks on a different path.

Having an international group of friends means that we won't be hanging out all together often in the future.

As well as studying hard for my degree, I would like to seize any opportunity to have fun with the friends I have made at university.

Nevertheless, Halfway Hall is both a time for me to celebrate the wonderful experiences so far at university - and to dress up and dance with friends!