Talking points: Should contraception be free for all Hongkongers?


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Should contraception be free for all Hongkongers?

Yes. The main purpose of contraception is to stop unplanned pregnancies. It it was free, then it would make people (like teenagers) who cannot afford to have children less likely to have children. Contraception doesn’t solve everything, and it’s not perfect, but I think it would go a long way in helping society in Hong Kong.

Jenny Tsang Lai-ning, 20, Po Leung Kuk Tang Yuk Tien College

No. If contraception was free, people wouldn’t think twice before having sex. They might act irresponsibly or immorally. Not all contraception prevents diseases or infections. Making it free would also lead to a lowering of birth rates. We need to encourage more people to give birth so that we have more younger people in the city. Making it free would also mean that someone, somewhere, has to pay for it. That means the government, most likely, which puts pressure on them to find the money from somewhere.

Ken Ng Kam-hung, 17, Hong Kong Weaving Mills Association Chu Shek Lun Secondary School

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No. Hong Kong has an ageing population, and I think this would make it worse. The costs of childcare and education are very expensive in Hong Kong, so having the option to not have children might mean our average population age gets even higher as less people give birth. What’s more, I think making it free would encourage people into having more casual sex – when it shouldn’t be something casual at all.

Joey Chan Ka-wai, 18, Hong Kong Weaving Mills Association Chu Shek Lun Secondary School

In my opinion, contraception should be free for all Hongkongers. Many sexually transmitted diseases and infections could be prevented with the use of contraception. It would also lower the chances of people having children. It would also increase public awareness of the importance of safe sex. If it works, the cost we pay towards making it free would be worth it.

Johann Engelbert Shaw, 16, Hong Kong Weaving Mills Association Chu Shek Lun Secondary School

Certainly not. I don’t agree with the idea of contraception. Contraceptives can carry health risks, prevent people who might bring huge positive changes to the world from being born, and might contribute to a drop in population numbers.

Cheri Lau, 12, Pope Paul VI College

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No. As we all know, Hong Kong has a serious ageing population problem. If contraception was free for all, the birth rate would drop, and make this problem worse.

Max Chan, 18, Hong Kong Weaving Mills Association Chu Shek Lun Secondary School

Yes. Some families would not be able to afford to have children, so being given the option to prevent that is a good thing.

Coco Lo, 12, Pope Paul VI College

I think it should be free. Young people would be less likely to become parents, and it would prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Lau Chit, 18, Hong Kong Weaving Mills Association Chu Shek Lun Secondary School

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I think free contraception should only be given to people who would not otherwise be able to afford it. People who can afford it should still pay for it.

Poon Yan-lok, 12, Pope Paul VI College

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