Opinion: Joshua Wong and Denise Ho don't speak for everyone in Hong Kong during the anti-government protests

Cyril Ip

Although they represented the city at the UN, there are many who don't think violence will lead to peace, but their opinions aren't being heard.

Cyril Ip |

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Canto-pop singer Denise Ho (centre) claims to speak on behalf of the people of Hong Kong, but what she says and supports is not what everyone in the city is thinking.

I have had enough of being misrepresented. By that, I mean by a fabrication of a community’s values and principles by a person or group who believes they represent community views.

I’m profoundly offended by local singer Denise Ho, who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the people of Hong Kong, when she spoke to media in the United States, Germany, Australia, and Taiwan about the ongoing riots. Ho, you do not represent my opinion, please stop claiming that you do.

On September 21, a large anti-government protest in Yuen Long turned violent and many people were beaten. According to the protesters, those who were attacked were responsible for the assaults they suffered.

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What did Ho say about this? She shared a photo of two of the victims on her Facebook account, calling them actors. One would think that with global attention on her, the singer-turned-activist would be mindful about what was said on the platforms available to her.

Call me crazy, but I do not want to be represented at the United Nations or in the US Congress by someone who appears to makes light of violence.

The issue isn’t that I refuse to see that there’s a difference between peaceful protesters and the violent rioters (who, they claim, are a minority).

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The issue is that, in my opinion, the protesters have repeatedly, consistently, and decidedly refused to condemn any wrong doing on their side. According to the “never cutting ties” principle, the peaceful protesters ought to never separate themselves from the violent ones. They’re an illogical united front, and that is the issue.

I believe the UN, US, and Britain couldn’t care less about a different narrative. The information that they distribute and promote, while not completely untrue, is, I feel, biased. They want Joshua Wong Chi-fung and Ho to be the face of Hong Kong’s fight for freedom, but what about those of us who feel differently? What about those of us who don’t think violence will lead to peace? Can they give us a minute as well?

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The LGBT community is a marginalised group in Hong Kong, like it is in many other places, and Ho is a proud advocate for this community.

She should try to practise what she preaches in that landscape, by respecting the views of politically marginalised groups in society and listening to them, rather than celebrating an assault on the opinion of others. Be aware that you are supposed to be fighting for democracy, not authoritarianism.