What's the perfect piece of art for your room?

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda

From a stone gargoyle to Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, here are the masterpieces our readers want to see every day

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda |

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Art can be abstract.

I’d love to have Andy Warhol’s painting Campbell’s Soup Cans in my room because I’ve drunk this brand of soup since I was little, and I still have it for dinner every day.

Leo Chan, 13, Scientia Secondary School

I’d pick Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. In my history class we are learning about the Renaissance (1300–1600), a period when da Vinci created this painting. I also painted my own version of the Mona Lisa when I was in Secondary One in my visual art class, but it wasn’t so good. If I had the original in my bedroom, I could study it every day so that I could paint it better and improve my art skills.

Nicole Chow, 13, King Ling College

I’d choose a stone statue, like a gargoyle, to give my room an old, Gothic feel. I would be so proud to show people my room.

Ho Ka-yui, 11, Scientia Secondary School

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I’d plaster my wall with the pages of J. R. R. Tolkien’s book The Silmarillion. Literature is also art, right? Imagine opening your eyes every morning to a world of such beauty and fantasy, created entirely by words. That would be nothing short of a dream come true!

Yanni Chan Yan-ling, 14, Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

I’d like to hang my favourite piece of artwork that I’ve created. Having it on my wall would remind me that I can do anything if I believe in myself, and that you will get good results if you work hard. I think seeing that my work every day would make me feel proud of myself when I need a confidence boost.

Vanni Chan Wan-yan, 13, Methodist College

I’d choose something that I drew when I was younger. It would remind me of my childhood and give me a warm feeling every time I look at it. I could also compare it to my drawings now, to see how far my drawing skills have grown. It would surely inspire me to keep drawing.

Chloe Liu Kwan-yi, 13, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

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I’d choose a sketch because I like how simple they are. I also prefer black and white art over things that are bright and colourful.

Johnny Or Cheong-lim, 14, Scientia Secondary School

I’d pick an abstract art piece and I would like to try to understand what it means. I think abstract art is interesting because it doesn’t try to represent something accurately, but instead uses colour and shapes to create a feeling or message. I think it’s interesting to see how artists view the world differently.

Andrey Tam, 18, STFA Seaward Woo College

Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night. This painting makes me feel at peace. I find the way he painted the sky and stars so dazzling. I think it would also help me fall asleep at night.

Wong Pak-yiu, 17, STFA Seaward Woo College

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I’d pick one of Claude Monet’s paintings of water lilies. Water lilies are my favourite kind of flower and Monet painted them in the most beautiful way. I think the blue tones of his painting would calm and relax me, which is why I think it would be good to have it in my room where I do my homework.

Carney Chang, 13, Sacred Heart Canossian College

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