Best Friends Forever #9: Always a good time with you


You may not see your best friend every day, but you treasure the moments you do get to spend together

Rhea Mogul |

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My best friend is Benice. She is beautiful both inside and out. She likes playing volleyball and is very good at playing basketball, too. I like chatting with her because she is a very funny person.

Katie Wong Kok-ching, 13, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

My BFF is my dog Monday. When I was six, my dad brought him home. I think he’s very cute. I take him for a walk every day, and sometimes play with him. I love Monday very much, and he loves me, too. I hope he can be with us for more than 10 years.

Tang Ying-hei, 16, POH 80th Anniversary Tang Ying Hei College

Best Friends Forever #8: I’ll be there for you

My best friend’s name is Chloe. I met her in my first year of kindergarten, and we were in the same class for three years. She is smart and kind. Even though we now go to different primary schools, we still meet up from time to time, but we’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t had much time to catch up in person. It hasn’t affected our friendship, though, and we still talk to each other on Whatsapp.

Zoe Chiu, 11, Tak Nga Secondary School

My best friend is Heison Lam Pak-hei. I met him when I was in Form 1. He’s smart and very good at maths. I always ask him if I need help understanding something. He is very hardworking and uses his spare time to do his homework and write notes. We still get to play together sometimes, which I enjoy a lot.

Yiu Tsz-wun, 13, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Best Friends Forever #7:Together forever

I met my best friend Mary when I was in Primary Two. I enjoy playing and chatting with her. In primary school, we’d always chat while eating snacks together during recess. Sometimes, we’d study together, too.

Now, we go to different secondary schools, but we still talk on Whatsapp. I hope we can always keep in touch.

Erika Lin, 12, Tak Nga Secondary School

If you would like to tell us about your BFF, send your story to [email protected], and attach a jpg of you and your pal. All pics must be larger than 1MB, and you must have the permission of your friend or friends to use it.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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