From tourist traps to a foodie's tour: how our readers would treat alien visitors in HK

We asked our readers what they would show to aliens who had landed on Earth to impress them. Here are some of our favourite answers

Charlotte Ames-Ettridge |

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Learning experience

I would teach the aliens all about human history. I would tell them about our different cultures and civilisations, as well as the wars and problems in society. They might be able to learn something from our mistakes.

Sunny Li, King Ling College

A sweet day

I would serve a range of desserts to welcome our new guests. They may not have these kinds of food on their planet. I would invite them to a tea party, where chocolate cupcakes, cheese cakes, ice-cream, and pies would be served. It would be a such a sweet day for the aliens.

Samantha Yau Ka-hei, 12, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

Bye, Bye Earth

I would show the aliens the daily lives of people in Hong Kong. Life here is very stressful. So when the aliens see how stressed humans are, they may choose to leave Earth.

Lee Wing-han, 16, Carmel Secondary School

By word of mouth

I would give them a dictionary. That way, they could learn our language and communicate with us, and we would be able to make friends with them. They would also be able to keep in contact with us after they leave our planet.

Bonnie Lau, 13, Tak Nga Secondary School

A tour of Hong Kong

I would take them to some of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist spots. They would definitely be impressed. They would be able to take photos to share with their families back home.

Kelly Ng,14, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

A big song and dance

If I met an alien, the first thing I’d do is play some music. Music makes everyone feel good, even if you don’t understand what the songs are about. Music can help you relax, or make you want to get up and dance or sing along. I’m sure the aliens would love listening to music.

Cynthia Lai, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Here for the food

I would be the aliens’ tour guide, and introduce them to some of the most delicious dishes in Hong Kong. Sushi, pizza, noodles ... I’d let them try everything. They would never want to leave Earth.

Moses Poon, 12, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

Hi-tech surprise

I would show them some cool human technology such as a mobile phone. I’m sure they would be surprised by the amount of information such a tiny device can store, and they would want one to take home.

Michelle Chiu, 13, Tak Nga Secondary School

Hot potato

What’s better than potatoes to impress aliens? The potato may seem like a humble vegetable, but you can do so much with it. I am sure aliens have never eaten crisps or French fries! Potatoes are also easy to grow and full of nutrition. During times of famine throughout history, potatoes helped keep people alive. I’m sure the aliens would love the potato as much as humans do.

Cindy Ding, 16, King Ling College

Forget iPhones, it’s all about origami

Aliens are probably tech-savvy, so gadgets such as the iPhone wouldn’t impress them. Japanese origami, on the other hand, is a traditional art form which can bring a piece of paper to life by transforming it into something new. This would definitely spark the aliens’ interest.

Wong Tik, 16, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

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