Top 10: A special delivery

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda

We asked our readers what they would give their celebrity idols for Christmas. From a personalised T-shirt for LeBron James to a Chinese flute for Taylor Swift, here are our favourite answers

Compiled by Nicole Moraleda |

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See what our readers would gift to their favourite celebrities!

I'd love to give a Chinese flute to my idol Taylor Swift for Christmas. As a singer and a musician, she must’ve tried many instruments, but I doubt she’s ever tried to play the Chinese flute. This instrument has a long history is China, and is known for its clear, crisp sound. If she used the flute on her next album, it would be a great surprise.

Susan Ng, 16, Lung Kong WFSL  Lau Wong Fat Secondary School

I’d like to give actor and singer Karry Wong a massage chair. He is still a student so in addition to performing, he also has to concentrate on his studies. I think a massage chair would help him relax, rest well, and recharge for the next day.

Rosanna Tung, 14, Law Ting Pong Secondary School

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I’d give a Hunger Games-themed handmade greeting card to Jennifer Lawrence. She is the actress who played Katniss in the Hunger Games franchise. I want to make a card for her to tell her how much I admire her and her movies.

Crystal Chung Sin-tung, 15,  STFA Tam Pak Yu College

I’d give my favourite actor Jace Norman something simple, personal, and heartfelt, like a handmade bracelet. I think it would be silly to buy him something he can already afford. I want the gift to be meaningful and something that will make him remember me. I’d also write him a letter that  would make him feel loved and supported. 

Janice Lam, 12, Scientia Secondary School

My celebrity idol is Singaporean singer JJ Lin. I would  give him a scarf to keep him warm during winter. I  wouldn’t want him to get sick from the cold.

Cheung Kai-chung, 14, KTS Catholic Secondary School

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My idol is Araki Hirohiko.  He is a Japanese manga artist who created Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. I’d give him a pencil, which I hope he’d use to create more funny comics.  I love his work and I hope my gift would help him.

Zoe Zhang Shiyi, 13,  KTS Catholic Secondary School

I’d give a personalised T-shirt to LeBron James, who is a famous basketball player. I would draw a cartoon picture of LeBron and me together and print it on the shirt. It would be so cool to see him wear it on the court.

Anson Suen Cheuk-nam, 12,  Scientia Secondary School

I’d like to give a bouquet of flowers to Luka Doncic. Luka is an NBA player and is quickly becoming a big star. He did really well in his latest game. I want to give him flowers to encourage him to keep working hard.

Li Cheuk-tung, 15, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

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My celebrity idol is Jung Kook from BTS. I would give him a gift set of high-quality Korean beef. Being a K-pop idol, I’m sure, is very tiring. He needs food to give him the energy to perform around the world and be energetic for his fans. I want him to know that I support him and remind him to take care of his health.

Chung Yan-tung, 16, Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School

I’d give my idol Lionel Messi a small Christmas tree, and I’d decorate it with a bunch of mini footballs because he is a famous footballer. I think he would like it very much. I’d also hang little replicas of the medals he’s won in the past on the tree to remind him of his great achievements.

Peyton Siu Pak-shun, 10,  PLK Grandmont Primary School