Say what: From fish to finance

By YP Team

Over the years Young Post has received some funny letters which we just have to share with you … typos and all! Names and places have been taken out to protect the innocent

By YP Team |

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On eating candy

Treasure your valuable bone! Then, eating candy becomes my habit. At that time, I had serious tooth decay. My upper part of the teeth is so dark that just like I got no front teeth. Although many people teased me, I continued to eat candies.

On a crazy man in my block

It causes his children out of condition. Furthermore, he made full-mouthed noise after drinking and bellowed at his wife. Most bottles break into pieces by his quick-tempered behaviour and awaken neighbours. All the furniture were damaged or cut by his crackbrained bearing. 
Finally, Mr Chan throws up and lies down. Dirty the floor and even make foul-smelling.

On the highs and lows of sugar

Life value may be complete your target, contribute to society. It also can be turn the exciting time into the goal of the road. Buys sugar and steals sugar, both of them can get the sugar. But buys sugar the value is higher. It has much method to solve the problem, why don’t choose the rightful ways. It’s depending on your life value.

On the economy

You are not on your own. It has been 10 years since the last devastating financial storm. People recovered the loss and overcame the umbra just now.
 No matter how abundant grubstake we inject in the stock market, we can’t ride out the crisis. Everyone yearns for better future and only by working corporately can we be sure of it.

On … fish? 

In this incident, it teach us a thing ---- [ CODFISH_OILFISH]. Is it having a blanket so it is the “real” one?
Then, what is the meaning of [boy(girl)], [diamond(glass)], etc?
This happen misguided many sonsumers, such as students. They may think that using a blanket to show a “correct” things is a normally action. And that’s explain Hong Kong’s education is so “good” now!