Say what: Fagged out and faltering

By YP team

Over the years Young Post has received some funny letters which we just have to share with you … typos and all! Names and places have been taken out to protect the innocent

By YP team |

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On national education

Withdrawing national education is so desperate that brooks no delay. The government should not insist implementing this subject in the near future unless consultation has done among different stakeholders involved like parents, teachers and students. Fair and neutral moral and national education take precedence all other considerations

Some great introductions

Food is a critical part of our life. Everyone might be advised to have a good use of the long summer holiday? What is happiness? I believe everyone have different definition. Some think that eat to the full everyday is plentiful. it is common for teenagers to have mental problems, such as moodiness, fatigue and insomnia.

Cutout cops ...

The police could use life-sized cut-out for other things too. For example,the police could put 100 outside the central government's liaison office in Western District. Also,protesters would think twice before causing trouble. But to deter protesters the cut-out cops must look tough. They must have hostile faces. The cut-out cops the police have made so far are not hostile-looking enough.

I think there should also be a cut-out of police commissioner Andy Tsang Wai-hung for use at press conferences. This cut-out should have a hidden voice machine with several recorded answers using Tsang's real voice. The answers should include: "I won't apologize", the police didn't use excessive force", "the police officer blocked the TV camera because he saw a black shadow", and "the police respect lawful and peaceful protests".

The media won't know it's just a cut-out with a voice machine because Tsang always gives the same answers anyway.

To thank or not to thank

Often telling people off because they didn't call her "Miss L--", she insisted that "thank you"s come right after her consenting to one of my requests, when the more prudent way was to say "thank you" after having received whatever I was to receive - in case she failed to keep her promise and my "thank you" was in vain.

A smelly habit

Why should we, non-smokers, have to suffer when smokers are enjoying their fag. The second-hand smoke causes peculiar smell and ruins the health of the non-smokers. Should smokes think twice before they have their little moment of enjoyment?

Social problems

In fact, what I want to stressed is whenever problems are resolved, another will soon appear which is indeed beyond recognition. Child Abuse, Gender Inequality, Teenage suicide, Unemployment, Ageing, Delinquency , Family problem as well as illegal immigrants have long been deemed as the most signifant social issues in Hong Kong.

These problems warrant urgent attention while the government and other no-govenmental organization should dedicate to relieve the seriousness and prevalence of such problems.

If the new government can redouble effort in them, our Hong Kong can be revitalized as a developed city, or otherwise its international status will be faltered.

Those darned suspended particles

Whenever I think of this trip, the blue skies and fresh air in Kagoshima for which Hong Kong people are having a long thirst are always the first things that pop up in my mind. The days in Kagoshima were of so much fun with the brightly shining sun above our heads. During the trip, we the Hong Kong delegates were all eager to stay outdoors, enjoying the awesome natural environment and brilliant scenery. There was not even a suspended particle blocking the marvelous view.