Top 10: Which animal would you add to the Chinese zodiac?


We asked our readers what new animal they would add to the Chinese zodiac, and what personality traits it would be associated with. From a peaceful panda to a brave lion, here are our favourite answers

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I’d add a cat. People with this zodiac sign would be confident and smart, good in all subjects at school, and likely to get a good job in the future. However, they’d also be quick to anger. Because cats are lucky in Chinese culture, people born in the Year of the Cat would be considered to be very lucky, too.

Lai Sik-hhin, 12, Maryknoll Fathers’ School

I’d choose a lion because they are strong and powerful creatures. People with this Chinese zodiac sign would not be weak or shy. They would be brave like a lion.

Ng Wun-ting, 13, Maryknoll Fathers’ School

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I’d add a bear to the list.  People born in the Year of the Bear would be instinctively curious, but constantly enjoy snacking and napping.

Joshua Lee, 21,  University of Hong Kong

I think the panda would fit nicely in the Chinese zodiac because it is beloved by Chinese people. These bears are very strong, yet they only eat plants. I think people born in the Year of the Panda would be kind and peaceful.

Lu Ruolan, 17, Fung Kai No. 1 Secondary School

I’d add a porcupine. People born in the Year of the Porcupine would be very protective of themselves, and would be able to defend themselves when they are being attacked. They’d also be very intelligent and know how to use their strengths to their advantage.

Marcus Lee Tsz-wah, 10, Stewards Pooi Kei Primary 

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I’d add a wolf to the Chinese zodiac. Wolves are strong and protective of their pack and territory. People with this zodiac sign would value their friends and family, and do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

Jessie Ip, 16, Fung Kai No. 1 Secondary School

A unicorn because I love them so much. People born in the Year of the Unicorn would be big dreamers and positive all the time. They’d also be proudly unique and would be sure to shine bright in the world. I wish my Chinese zodiac sign was the unicorn.

Kirby Lau Yan-yu, 12,  Maryknoll Fathers’ School 

I’d add a dolphin. They are very clever mammals and are able to react quickly to any dangers in their environment. I think people born in the Year of the Dolphin would be smart and able to make quick decisions.

Cindy Lee, 15, Carmel Pak U Secondary School

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I’d add a dolphin because they are very smart. Some scientists even say that some dolphins have bigger brains than humans. Therefore, people born in the Year of the Dolphin would be quick learners – and probably also talented in water sports. 

Creamy Cheung, 12, HKBU Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School

I’d add a cat. They’re independent and would mostly rather be left alone – but sometimes they just need a little bit of love. I think people born in the Year of the Cat would be just like that too. They’d also be a bit lazy at times.

Dennis Chow, 15, King George V

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