Best Friends Forever #14 : A friend you can count on

A good friend will always have your back no matter what, but is also able to let you know when you’ve made a mistake

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Friends are the stars that glimmer when your world is dark. They lift you up when you’re down. Geneve has been my best friend for four whole years. Back in primary school, I barely had any friends. I was quite lonely until Geneve came into my world. She never mocked me or laughed at me like the other kids. She’d always defend me and tell me everything would be OK. She also tells me when I’ve done something wrong and is great at giving advice. We no longer go to the same school, but we still meet up once in a while, and enjoy every single laugh we share.

Jing Yee, 15, Hong Kong University Graduate Association College

My best friend for the past few years in secondary school has been Savannah. We share many common interests, such as performing, debating, and going shopping. I’ve learned so much from her and she’s played such a big part in my high school experience. She recently had to move to the US and I just wanted to let her know how much I miss her.

Hyning Gan, 15, Chinese International School

Best Friends Forever #13: Growing up together

My BFF is not a classmate of mine, it’s my mother. Surprised? I tell my mom everything, including my troubles. As a more experienced adult, she always knows the right thing to say to make me feel better. I always feel more happy and relaxed after we talk. Sure we’ve had fights, but she will always be my BFF.

Natasha Ho, 13, Carmel Pak U Secondary School

My best friend is my neighbour, who I’ve known for 16 years. I don’t call her by her real name; I call her Bobby. She is like a sister to me. When I come across something funny, she’s the first person I want to share it with. She’s the person who’ll laugh with me when I start giggling before telling a joke. She’s the person I like to try new things with. She sticks with me no matter how much I annoy her. She’s the person I can always depend on and trust. And she will be my best friend forever.

Amanjeet Gill, 16, St Mary’s Canossian College

Best Friends Forever #12: Need a helping hand?

I’m currently in my first year of secondary school. I don’t really have a BFF, but I’d say my closest friend is Gore. Neither of us belongs to a specific friendship group so we tend to hang out together. He’s really quiet and very easy-going. He also helps me in IT class when I don’t understand something.

Vijay Sathappan, 11, Island School

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