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Over the years Young Post has received some funny letters which we just have to share with you … typos and all! Names and places have been taken out to protect the innocent

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Some friendly advice

Worse still, people all want to be winners. They only make friends with those who can help them climb up the social ladder. They seldom dare to express their feelings but things about work. Being betray becomes the main impedement for them to trust others. May be their matreial life is rich, they suffer fromspiritual dryness. Gradually, they will lose all their friends and will not know how to love or to treasure others.

Inside information

After returning to China, Hong Kong has kept on not intervening in the free market for nearly fifteen years. Passing through two financial risks and the Sars invasion, Hong Kong still looked so prosperous. However, this is only the surface. Inside this International financial centre, it includes lots of problems and contradictories, such as the widening gap between the riches and the poors, anti-national education event and the concept of anti-mainlander, etc.


Loneliness is like air . It exists everywhere. We are all exposed to it.

How big were those toy blocks?

This piece of news is about several short talks with seniors about the possibility of extremely difficult workout for them.

This three interviewers said they were both couldn't accept such a difficult workout originally for youths, feeling much harder and tougher. Mr Phillips have less problem than the others, doing push up and jogging every day, but not feeling so unacceptable. However, Mr Weiner felt much tired after jogging around the blocks, so take enough rest is quite necessary for him.

We have been thinking for what maximum power can a human being attain, and also if seniors can achieve the same level as youths. Ostensibly, as a rule, we think seniors can do as good as youths, but in a gradually way, exercise regularly for a period of time, seniors can also be like youths.

So there's the thing: People are so raring to be comparatively more active and powerful than others, trying to keep pace with them and even emulate themselves. But accidents most likely happen here, you hurt yourself. So as they said, workout, and know your limits.

Si and oui, same but different?

Without a doubt, English is the most widely used language around the world. Almost every school would teach English so it seems it's sufficient to learn English.

However, in Europe, the most commonly used language isn't English but French and Spanish. In some countries like France, people don't really like speaking English because of the history between their own country and England. So they don't normally speak English.

In other countries like Japan, people can't speak good English because of problem with their accent. No offence, but sometimes you have to listen really hard to comprehend what they are saying.

Don't worry ... wait, what?

Have you got a thing you really want to do but you finally give up because of your worry? Did you regret about it?

I think there are a lot people have the similar experience. Maybe some are because they worry about they can't handle the thing well. Maybe some because they worry they will get wrong with it.