What’s the best thing about being a grown up?

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This week, we asked our readers, what’s the best thing about being a grown-up? Here are our favourite answers

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A four-wheeled dream

I want a car. When I’m a grown up I will get a job and save money for one. Then I can take my friends for a ride when I have free time, and we can go wherever we want. We can also get to places that buses or public transport cannot reach. It would be exciting to drive my own car, to learn about engines, and to learn about other things related to cars. It would also help me understand my favourite magazine, Top Gear!

Martyn Leung, 14, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

Adventure is out there

I think the best thing about being a grown up is getting to go to foreign countries, without parents or teachers. I could travel around the world freely, plan the trip by myself, have exciting adventures on my own, try some new things, and spend money on my own.

Elmy Lai ,13, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

No more homework

Not having any homework to do, because who likes homework?! Even though adults need to go to work, it’s surely still better than doing homework!

Suki Kwok, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

Goodbye exams

No staying up late memorising facts, no panic attacks from the mounting pressure ... The best thing about being a grown up is definitely that there won’t ever be any anxiety-causing exams, where students have to sacrifice their precious weekends to cram for an hour-long paper.

Audrey Low, 14, Diocesan Girls’ School

See the world

The best thing about being a grown up is getting to travel alone, without your parent’s permission. My ultimate dream is to travel the world. Travelling alone is great because you don’t need to live up to anyone else’s expectations. I would be free to go anywhere and try anything.

Bobo Shing Lok-man, 15, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School


The best thing about being a grown up? Realising that there are more important things than getting straight A’s, and realising that the most important thing in life is loving those around us and knowing that we are loved.

Elsa Ho, 14, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Big spender

Earning money has to be the best thing about being a grown up! When I grow up, I can earn money to buy shoes, clothes, books, maybe even a house. I’d be able to buy whatever I wanted. Of course, I would also donate money to charity organisations, to help those lesser fortunate than myself. Although money isn’t everything, we can’t do anything without it.

Cherry Au, 15, Tung Chung Catholic School

Late nights

Time for bed now, Wendy! That’s what I’m told every night at 10pm. If I was a grown up, I would not have a curfew or a bedtime. Instead, I could stay up late playing video games and eating crisps!

Wendy Fung, 12, Heep Yunn School

Hungry for adult life

The best thing about being a grown up is obviously having whatever you want for dinner. You could go out and eat Korean BBQ, or make a TV dinner at home. You can choose, and you don’t need to answer to anyone! The privilege of making our own decisions.

Ady Lam, 11, Island School

Going it alone

The best thing being a grown up is the freedom. When you grow up, you can move out of your parents’ home and live on your own. You can do whatever you want to without your parents’ supervision. You could travel around the world. Or you could play computer games all day long, if you wanted to. As a grown up, you have your own time after work and can spend lots of money without your parents nagging you.

Chan Sau-ming, 15, Rhenish Church Pang Hok ko Memorial College

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