Say what: Some poetic inspiration

By YP team

Young Post gets some funny letters which we just have to share with you … typos and all! Names and places have been taken out to protect the innocent

By YP team |

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Students are time lords

Almost all classmate need about 1 hour to school to study for 3-hour a day.

Picture looks bleak

The situation of deteriorating as time flies and can no longer be tolerated. Youngsters are the hopes of Hong Kong's tomorrows, can the government bear to see our future being gloomier and gloomier? Then, what should a responsible government do to clear the grey clouds screening out the sky.

The eyes have it

Immediately, I searched for a target to ask for lending me mobile phone. I saw a secondary student who looked obedient and I abruptly requested her to lend the Phone to me. She gazed at me as if I was a robber; ridiculously she rejected me using her scared eye contact. Her eyes had told me that she wasn't willing to do so.

Getting personal at the airport

In USA, many passengers said the mannal researches, in which agents use their fingers and open palms to search for explosives or concealed weapons, made them felt uncomfortable. The serious one is the pat-down, which were put into place at the beginning of the mouth just like full body of x-ray. Some challenge is they need to protect passengers safety and make sure everybody can get to their destination safety, but now can it balance the security and people's feeling?

So angry I can't even type straight

Are demonstrators still intellect? Have they forgotten what their orginal purpose was? I am so disappointed to them. In shortly before, I prayed for them to strived for the demoncracy in good trail. When they are became more violent than before, even insulted, hustled and physically blocked the mainlanders, it angers me. It seems to be something that persisted straight could not come back anymore. The aim is destoryed.

Lessons from Byron

The British renowned poet Lord Byron, once roamed the bank of the River Thames and witnessed a rich man fallen into the water yelling for help. Hearing his voice, a poor man swiftly jumped into the freezing water to pull the rich to the coast. But the rich man only fetched a little coin from the pocket and handed it to the poor at last. All the onlookers took pity on the poor and they abrubtly lifted the rich man, wanting to throw him back into the river. At this critical point Byron stopped them and said: "Don't blame him. He does know how much himself is."