The elephant in the room

Lucy ChristieVeronica LinAdy LamAnushka Purohit

We asked our readers, if someone asked you to fit an elephant in the fridge, how would you do it? Here are our favourite answers ...

Lucy ChristieVeronica LinAdy LamAnushka Purohit |

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Well, that depends ...

If someone asked me to fit an elephant inside my fridge, I’d ask them how old the elephant is. If it was just a baby one, I would do it. But if it was a fully grown elephant, I wouldn’t. The elephant would be way too heavy, and way too big, to fit inside a fridge.

Anderson Li, 11, Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School

Mirror magic

I would first cool its body temperature down to close to zero, so that it would shrink in size a bit. Then, I would use a mirror to do a magic trick, creating the illusion of fitting the elephant in the fridge while it’s actually sitting underneath a triangular mirror.

Veronica Lin, 17

A tight fit

If someone asked me to fit an elephant in the fridge, first I would open the fridge and take everything out, including the shelves. I would bundle the elephant up and do my best to squish it inside. Then I would use all my strength to close the door – even though I’m not sure how much of the elephant I’d manage to get inside!

Vanya Pardal, 12, Canadian International School

A puzzling riddle

This effortless riddle has confused many people. You might think the answer is to build your own fridge and make it as big as Noah’s Ark, or take out the shelves inside the fridge. Well, my answer is divided into three easy steps. One, open the fridge door. Two, put the elephant inside. Three, close the fridge door. Straightforward and simple.

Ady Lam, 11, Island School

Hello, Dumbo

That’s easy – I’d get my stuffed toy Dumbo from Disneyland and place him comfortably in the fridge.

Anushka Purohit, 16, Renaissance College Hong Kong

Turn the tables

Why on earth would I ever want to fit a living elephant in a fridge? What did the poor elephant ever do to me? If anything, I would put the person who asked me to do it in a fridge. I bet they wouldn’t like having the tables turned on them like that.

Catherine Wang, 17, Chinese International School

Soft toys to the rescue

I would buy an elephant soft toy and open the fridge then put it inside. Simple!

Saloni Sethi, 11, South Island School

Easy as 1,2,3,4

I think fitting an elephant in the fridge would require four steps. First, I’d find the biggest fridge in the world. Then I would open the fridge, next, put the elephant inside the fridge. Finally, I’d close the fridge.

Michael Kwok Pui-hin, 15, Law Ting Pong Secondary School

Doraemon to the rescue

If someone asked me to fit an elephant in the fridge, I would borrow Doraemon’s shrinking torch to make the elephant small enough to fit in the fridge. But on a serious note, I definitely wouldn’t put an elephant in the fridge. It’s a form of animal abuse !

Emily Chiu, 16, Leung Shek Chee College

Next time, be specific

First of all, I would ask that person: “If I did it, what will you give me in return?”

Then, if the prize was reasonable, I’d get a stuffed elephant and put it in the fridge. What, am I not allowed to do that? Nobody specified it had to be a LIVE elephant, so why not use a cute little stuffed one? They are definitely easier to tame!

Jolynn Ooi Yi Syuen, 11, South Island School

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