What drink would you like to be?

This week we asked our readers: if they had to be any drink, what would it be and why? Here are some of our favourite answers

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Nothing like water

It would have to be water. It is pure and healthy, which I think are both good qualities. People cannot survive without water, and if I had to choose to be one drink, I’d like to be the most important one.

Kelly Chan Oi-wa, 13, Maryknoll Fathers’ School

Do not drink

I would be wee. Okay, it’s not exactly a drink, we get rid of it from our bodies, but that’s the point; Nobody would drink me so I will be absolutely safe!

Teresa Wong, 11, Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten

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An easy going refreshment

If I could be any drink, it would be lemon tea. The reason is because people can adjust the sweetness of it easily, and the cost of making lemon tea is fairly low. It’s a drink which people from all over the world enjoy so I think being lemon is the best choice.

Qiana Kam, 12, Sha Tin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

Good ol’ H20

Pure, natural, healthy – of course, I’m talking about water. Not only is water essential for all living things, but it is also an essential element in most drinks. I’d like to be a valuable and versatile drink like water.

Adrian Leung, 21, The University of Hong Kong

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The perfect comfort drink

If I had to be a drink, I would be hot chocolate because I think hot chocolate is a comforting drink. It can warm people in winter. It tastes sweet so it can make people happy! This is why I would like to be hot chocolate.

Hannah Ho, 12 Maryknoll Fathers’ School

A relaxing cuppa

If I could be a drink, I would love to be a soothing cup of English Breakfast Tea. Posh and preppy, a classic cup of hot tea calms the panicky-rhythm of a busy morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it wakens the tired soul. I would love to be that for someone, to be able to brighten up their day and keep them going.

Lauren Faith Lau, 18, International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School

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The superior option

I would be a bottle of Perrier so I could laugh at all the normal bottled waters before we all get swallowed up by thirsty humans. If I’m going to have a short life as a drink I might as well make it a ridiculous one (I swear I’m a nice person in real life).

Ngai Yeung, 17, International Christian School

Sweet on the inside

I would be a lovely cup of mocha: quite difficult to approach at first, but with a tinge of sweetness hidden inside.

Cheris Lee, 17, Good Hope School

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Break it up

I’d be pineapple juice: not too sweet, not too sour. Pineapple is a great source of the enzyme bromelain, which digests protein, a building block of amino acids. I like to think of myself as a mediator who is able to break up bad situations, so this why I think I would be pineapple juice.

Bianca Lee, 15, Phillips Exeter Academy

Energy Booster

I would like to be Red Bull. I remember when I was taking my DSE, I drank a lot of Red Bull as it was the only drink that gave me the energy I needed, and I want to be a person who gives people energy.

Eunice Yip, 17, Pooi To Middle School

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